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Re: 1939 Code Repeal

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  • makodejure
    You asked what merited this discovery, I m assuming you are asking me that question. I was talking to friends and the question came up how the 39 code could
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2004
      You asked what merited this discovery, I'm assuming you are asking me
      that question. I was talking to friends and the question came up how
      the '39 code could be in the Statutes at Large and not be the Law.
      Thinking about it, we said that it must have been repealed. Then I
      remembered, seeing something a while ago that some one wrote,(it was
      the Al Thompson expose) that I was interested in reading again, but I
      couldn't remember where it was.
      So I asked, and for the most part people have responded generously
      with their help and I was even sent the article. Thank you all for
      you help.

      I went to that blogspot site, and the article is there online, but I
      had a bit of a problem getting the exhibits to download. I will try
      again. Thanks Again, Mako

      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "BoomerFred"
      <zreboundman@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Mako, glad you asked, I want to know exactly what merit this
      > discovery has as well. Understanding I am not a computer whiz, I
      > attempt here to put you in line with the first and only place I
      > find such a claim to defame the entire irs enterprise.
      > It is from Al Thompson, currently back in Sacramento jail for the
      > second time after spending 80 days there. His main planks of defense
      > are the ALL CAPS argument, the Repeal issue and that the insignia
      > irs agents carry is different than that of the Treasury Dept. He was
      > taken in just after Joe Banister was because he decided not to stop
      > when all the CHP and Marshall cars were following him.
      > Some say he has abandoned the ALL CAPS position and strawman UCC
      > I don't know. Anyway, go to http://www.thompsonnews.blogspot.com to
      > see what I have seen. Jack Cohen alerted Al to the matter initially
      > and it was fairly well ignored. I am drawn to it as I like ground
      > level issues in preference to the craziness involved in some of
      > other lofty arguments. K.I.S.S.
      > Please tell us what you find, on the board or just to me, your call
      > Cheers, BoomerFred
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