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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Can federal court use court opinions as law to avoid ruling on our issues?

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  • robert halbrook
    i am not an attorney or a lawyer but i do a lot of reading and this is a little of what i have found out to be true but not comonly taugh or known by the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 20, 2004
      i am not an attorney or a lawyer but  i do a lot of reading and this is a little of what i have found out to be true but not comonly taugh or known by the general public. a retired judge told me most of this but i thought he was pulling my leg but now i know he was right.
          in legislative courts convictions or judge rulings by any means creates new laws or redefines old ones calling misdemeanors felonies etc bypassing the US congress and the state legislatures the US pres or the governors of the states, the bill of rights, the US constitution and the state constitutions and the decleration of independence
      these courts are  inferior legislative courts originaly set up to settle small disputes between fictions ,corps or 2 or more partys involved in a contract dispute. they are not supposed to be used in criminal cases. this is the place for superior courts as only they were to try soveriegn citizens for alledged crimes under common law. now enters hjr 192 of 1933 now  the judges work for a bankrupt corperation in charge of administering the ongoing implimentation of it. this creates a new problem the underlining truth that all 3 forms of court procedure share is ' equity in the law is not only paramont but is mandatory', these three types are legislative courts, and  article 3 superior courts of common law, admiralty law merchant and militay tribunals
      example  a slave cant sue a master there is no equity, a serf cant sue the king or the queen, there is no equity. a fiction cant claim they were damaged by the actions of a soverign living citizen as there is no equity. so only if there is a contract involved between
      the examples used can there be equity in order to establish jointer in a case before it can go forward. if the judge cant establish jointer he has no juristiction.
      when the silver was taken out of public circulation in 64 article 3 courts ceased  to be convined and was replaced by colour of law courts of the law merchant  in admiralty or military tribunals under marshal rule.
         the remedies available are to do everything to avoid court at all costs or file the correct motions in the begining of the case the you are gathering evidence to be used to file an appeal in a suit in admiralty court. this is where the modern courts cant go and will avoid like the plague as the judges and attornies and DAs have no bond protection as they are bankrupt defendants in dishonor and have to answer the charges of a damaged soveriegn in honor under common law juristiction . remember  all court cases are treated like commerce and use banking procedures . these are closely guarded secrets the system does not want the public to know
                                                       sinerly brokenwrench

      fastmuscleman <m.schrader1@...> wrote:

      Can federal court use court opinions as law to avoid ruling on our
      Are court opinions law?

      Are Circuit Court opinions law?

      Tax Court, IRS legal Counsel & the DOJ use nothing but CASE LAW!

      When they do quote court opinions as law the cites they quote are
      never relevant to our specific issues!

      Is there any Supreme Court cites that we can effectively use to
      overcome this nonsense in our circuit court petitions?

      What is the purpose of law when the judge says his opinion is law?

      If you know how to refute such nonsense with any Supreme Court Cites
      please send them to me by email.

      If you are aware of any Ninth Circuit Court cites please send those 
      by email to me.

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