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Fwd: Stand or Bow?

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  • Tally Eddings
    Begin forwarded message: From: larken@taxableincome.net Date: November 19, 2004 11:51:52 AM EST To: tallyeddings@mindspring.com Subject: Stand or Bow? Dear
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2004
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      From: larken@... Date: November 19, 2004 11:51:52 AM EST To:
      tallyeddings@... Subject: Stand or Bow?

      Dear Subscriber,

      Someone just sent me a government terror propaganda piece, disguised as a "news
      story," about Al Thompson and Joe Banister getting indicted. What I'm wondering is how
      many of you will choose to hide, and abandon the truth, out of fear, and how many will
      only try even HARDER to end this fraud. Again, if terrorism shuts you up, expect to get
      MORE of it. If you don't believe me, try this:

      "The blatant and far-reaching defrauding of honest taxpayers by these two individuals
      warrants an aggressive federal prosecution. This case should serve as a stark reminder to
      our citizens that caution should be heeded when approached by those advocating wild
      theories as to why one does not have to obey federal tax laws," stated United States
      Attorney Scott.

      I've never seen Banister suggest that people don't "have to obey federal tax laws," but
      aside from that lie, notice the government's attitude: we'll hurt these two, so others won't
      listen to them anymore. Lovely.

      "Joe Banister, a former IRS agent, knew exactly what he was doing. Tax professionals
      and employers who break the law will be held accountable," said IRS Commissioner
      Mark W. Everson.

      Remember when we sent Mr. Everson 1,200 letters, which he ignored? Obviously
      answering questions does not fit with Mr. Everson's agenda, but trying to put people in a
      cage for disagreeing with him does.

      According to IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge Roger Wirth,
      "Taxpayers shouldn't be taken in by false descriptions of the law or misrepresentations of
      the facts."

      Great. So no doubt the government can now clear things up, by answering some
      questions. Right? Nope. This IS their "answer": hurt people. That fits perfectly within one
      dictionary definition of "terrorism": a government that rules by intimidation. I've heard a
      lot of politicians say that Americans shouldn't tolerate terrorism. I agree. Trouble is, those
      politicians are the BENEFICIARIES of the terrorism carried out on a daily basis by the

      What do YOU intend to do about it? When someone like Banister puts his neck on the
      chopping block to try to stop YOU from being defrauded, will you help him when he
      needs it?

      The government is ratcheting up its terror campaign, trying to prosecute a bunch of
      VOCAL people. (So much for the First Amendment.) The government might win some of
      the criminal cases, but it will not win them all. And every loss they have in court will
      further weaken this fraud. You can either hide, or stand and be counted. The people with
      spines will end the fraud, while those without watch on.


      Larken Rose larken@... http://www.861.info

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