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Al Thompson Was Released on October 28, 2004

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  • william moore
    Al Thompson Was Released on October 28, 2004 Hello!!! Below is is an e-mail from me friend Rick in regard to Al Thompson s being released yesterday. Thanks,
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      Al Thompson Was Released on October 28, 2004


      Below is is an e-mail from me friend Rick in regard to Al Thompson's being released yesterday.



      Hello Rick (Rickity) here. I just got home from picking up Al Thompson from downtown Sacramento. What a shock to hear his voice on my phone. "Al who?" I asked not expecting to hear his voice. I haven't been this happy for some time! I shot out of the house trying to keep my speed under control while I was phoning anyone and everyone with the good news. Al was scheduled for a "hearing" on Friday and the troops were planning to be there in great support. Either the court knew it, sensed it or predicted it so they had a quickie this morning (Thursday.) The DOJ in Washington was on the phone as usual whining that Al had only spent 3 months in jail and that was not long enough to coerce him into compliance (to sign the IRS forms that didn't apply to him.) Judge Damrell was obviously feeling the pressure after over 50 documents were filed on supreme court justices the previous week end by his Fresno friend. Now the damage suit begins and will it be a lulu! Al is in great spirits to say the least. A lot has been learned from his experience by everyone. Many new discoveries since his incarceration will make it an even stickier wicket for them should they tread the same path with others. The bottom line is: The DOJ couldn't and wouldn't come up with the taxing statute and implementing regulation that applied to Al and Al wasn't going to "volunteer" to lie his way into their jurisdiction. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more from Al when he gets back to his computer which should be any time now.

      This is a time to celebrate folks. The deceit can only last so long before the wall start to crack and eventually tumble. I hope you all will receive Al and respect him for what very few people are willing to do. He has lost his business and his marriage but won a very important victory that will have a rippling effect when the rest of the country catches on to what has happened. The rest is best said in Al's own words which I hope to see very soon.

      In truth, Rickity


      Al’s Web Site is:


      I’m not 100% sure that Al’s e-mail is still working however if you’d like to give it at try the address was:


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