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Re: [tips_and_tricks] can the State's certificate of birth prove the named person free and freeborn; Is it a gift? why should we take counsel from those in bondage ?

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  • John Wilde
    It doesn t matter whether it is public records, treaties or statutes, when the Court takes notice, it must so reflect it on the record. If the judicial notice
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 3, 2004
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      It doesn't matter whether it is public records, treaties or statutes, when the Court takes notice, it must so reflect it on the record.  If the judicial notice is not reflected in the record then it is not at issue.  As far as understanding, clearly you are some wet behind the ear, guru trained, youngin' who has been taught just enough to make himself dangerous to yourself and others around you.  When you have been at this for more than 20 years, then you can talk about understanding.  I do.  I've seen them all come and go, and I am still here and I am having fun and the gummint lackeys that I face down aren't.  Those that thought up this birth certificate waga waga aren't anymore.  This stuff is still floating around because it is being used by some follower, of a follower, of a follower of some 1980's guru that is no long in the fight.

          Furthermore this thread is talking about the birth certificate and not a treaty or public statute.  Unless it is your position that the birth certificate is some sort of statute or treaty.  It's not, it's a public record and must be properly judicial noticed and noted on the record before it can effect the outcome of a case.

          That's why I usually stay out of these things, because too many times, poster's that discuss this peripheral stuff ignore the subject of the tread and try and interject that which was not a part of the subject.  You want to talk about statutes and treaties and judicial notice of them fine, start another thread.  I probably won't participate, because they are the least of my concern.  However, in this thread we're talking about the birth certificate and its effect or non effect.  It's a non effect, unless you wish to inject it as an issue into your own case.  I don't do it, and it never becomes an issue.

      John Wilde

      jm367@... wrote:
      It seems the ostrich strategy is being supplemented by the shell game tactic.  I said they are required to take judicial notice of public statutes and treaties.  You changed that to judicial notice of public records.  Public record evidence has to be certified and entered into evidence for notice to be had of it.   Even then, facts are for the jury. 

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