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    In a message dated 8/30/2004 8:12:41 AM US Mountain Standard Time, ... nilbux: You will not find nation in the Declaration of independence or in the
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      This document established ONE Nation of People.

          You will not find "nation" in the Declaration of independence
          or in the Constitution but you will find "union" in the preamble
          to the Constitution.

          Until 1953, we pledged allegiance to that UNION of nation states.

          "Nation" implies an all powerful central government" not intended by the founders.

          "The great vice of the Federalists consisted in desiring to clothe the Federal Government with almost monarchical powers; whereas the States had carefully and resolutely reserved the great mass of political power to themselves. The powers which they delegated to the Federal Government were few, and were general in their character. Those which they reserved embraced their original and inalienable sovereignty, which no State imagined it was surrendering when it, adopted the Constitution. Mr. Madison dwelt with great force upon the fact that "a delegated is not a surrendered power." The States surrendered no powers to the Federal Government. They only delegated them. The powers of the States are original. Those of the Federal Government are only derived and secondary; and they were delegated, not for the purpose of aggrandizing the Federal Government, but for the sole purpose of protecting the rights and sovereignty of "the several States." The Federal Government was formed by the States for their own benefit. The Federal Government is simply an agency, commissioned by the "several States" for their own convenience and safety."

                                                                                            CHAPTER II.

                                                        THE NON-RELATION OF THE COLONIES TO EACH OTHER —
                                                                             THEY WERE NOT ONE PEOPLE.

      Read the whole book written 134 years ago at:

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