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  • Legalbear
    I just counted them up. I only have 4 sets of Blackstone s Institutes 1914 Common Law & Statutory Law law courses left. Because of the cost of reproducing
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2004

      I just counted them up.  I only have 4 sets of Blackstone’s Institutes 1914 Common Law & Statutory Law law courses left.  Because of the cost of reproducing these, they may never be available again. 


      This law course is described on www.legal-research-video.com near the bottom of the page.  This law course is well organized, authoritative, comprehensive and easy to read.  Nearly all of it still applies today. 


      I have received numerous compliments on my legal research video; some of which are on the web page.


      I decided to offer the remaining law courses and a legal research video to the list at a reduced price.  Normally I sell the two volume set with a $75 research video for $130; a savings of $30 when you buy them together.  Until these 8 sets are gone you can get the two volume course and the research video for $110; another $20 savings.


      If you would like to pay by check the address is highlighted in red below.  I need to know if that is your plan so I can save you a set.  If you send a Postal Money Order, make it payable to Barry Smith.


      If you would like to pay online with an online check or credit card, let me know and I will send you a paypal.com request for funds.


      I look forward to hearing from you, Bear

      PHONE #s: 970-330-3883/720-203-5142 c.  For mailing:  Excellence Unlimited, 2830 27th St. Ln. #B115,  Greeley , CO   80634 


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