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Re: [tips_and_tricks] FYI: FEAR: CA: Help us fight Eureka's proposed forfeiture ordinance!

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... It won t matter, Steve won t answer it. He s ignored all mine, and so has everyone else. It s great! But I don t see the reason to examine minutia when
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 25, 2004
      On Aug 12, 2004, at 2:35 PM, Occupant Family wrote:

      > Can I ask another dumb question?

      It won't matter, Steve won't answer it. He's ignored all mine, and so
      has everyone else.

      It's great! But I don't see the reason to examine minutia when basics
      are routinely ignored.

      Weeds are best removed by pulling the root out, not by pulling off a
      leaf a day.

      I never heard a thing from the so-called "emergency" in Eureka either.

      Not even to explain how wrong I am.

      Except I'm not wrong.

      NOBODY in over 25 years has refuted my position (unless you count
      people like Steve who make off-point objections and ignore all
      questions raised by their contradictory replies.)

      But almost everyone has ignored it.

      It's called cognitive dissonance.

      Uncomfortable facts are ignored rather than face the painful truth.

      And they say "misery loves company".


      It really highlights the fact that people DO give their consent to what
      governs them.

      They give tribunals jurisdiction over them with hardly any resistance,
      if any.

      They plead to non-existent "charges". They wouldn't know a "charge"
      from a lie anyway.

      And so they support lie after lie, and when the results of living with
      lies become uncomfortable, they want remedies that are designed for
      people who live in reality, who do not believe and support lies. But
      the liars and accomplices don't realize that they impair themselves.

      They blame the results of their actions on others.

      They fail to realize that the problem is in their own minds, and is
      evidenced when they speak.

      I don't hold much hope that enough of that type will wake up in time to
      save this country.

      Not when basics are ignored.


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