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Fw: Angry dads a new political force - Excellent news.

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  • BSI International, Inc.
    BSI International, Inc. is forwarding a communication that we received from Mr. Dave Mortimer in the United Kingdom concerning the fact that a worldwide news
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2004
      BSI International, Inc. is forwarding a communication that we received from Mr. Dave Mortimer in the United Kingdom concerning the fact that a worldwide news wire service -- Reuters -- has published a story concerning Fathers4Justice, a very proactive Fatherhood/Fathers' Rights organization in Europe which has literally taken Fatherhood issues to the streets.  While the activities and philosophy of Fathers4Justice (and other international Fatherhood organizations) has received attention on the Internet through chat rooms, discussions groups, and website postings, this marks the first time that a Fatherhood organization such as Fathers4Justice has caught the attention of the established media.  Calendar Year 2004 is truly shaping up to be the "Year Of The Father"!  Without further adieu, the details of Mr. Mortimer's communication is provided below.

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      Subject: Angry dads a new political force - Excellent news.

      Please post to all lists worldwide 
      Great Article !  Excellent Platform from which to announce the F4J Politicial Goals More importantly it made it to the "TOP NEWS" Page of Reuters, which will guarantee that it will be picked up by many other papers globally, and be seen by millions who read Reuters as a "home page".  This is similar to making the Front Page of The Times, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Sun, The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal etc. etc.  It has brought the message of the F4J political campaign to the world.
      Please all write to Kate Kelland and to the Editors  at Reuters to thank them. 

      Tell your own stories, and tell them why the Government "Green Paper" is so
      inadequate.  Why the laws need to be changed.  The more letters they will
      get the more likely they will keep on top of this story.
      Here is one I wrote:

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      Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 12:37 PM
      Subject: Angry dads a new political force - Excellent news.

      Dear Kate,
                        Politicians can be contradictory animals and frequently ill-informed. No where is the one sidedness of their contradiction so obvious as in the slavish examination of opinion poll results. The other side of the contradiction is demonstrated by their apparent dismissal of surveys saying what the public really wants. A typical example is the Sky News poll about Equal Parenting (August 17th 2004) that showed 88% of the public want both parents to have a legal right to contact with there children after divorce.
      The public already knows what some of our politicians refuse to countenance, namely that 'fatherlessness' is indisputably linked to crime levels, poor school attainment and anti-social behaviour.
      Anti-social behaviour leads to criminality in general and the results costs the insurance industry alone hundreds of millions of pounds each year which can only be passed on to policy holders. This leads to a spiral of decline as corner shops are targeted and forced out of business when they can no longer afford the insurance cover.
      The public know that "Equal Parenting" simply means that both parents are allowed to continue to play a real part in their children lives after divorce.
      Equal Parenting studies show it reduces crime levels; increases school attainment; lowers anti-social behaviour and makes for better rounded citizens.
      Only this week the much respected journal The Lancet published more data covering a sample size of over 1 million Swedish children that underlines this very point.
      Ten years ago in America it was conclusively shown that a city's crime rate was more closely linked to its divorce rate then its policing policies.
      If Mr Howard can clearly see that divorce and fatherlessness are linked to the rise in crime and anti social behaviour then why can't Mr Blair?
      Fathers4justice will get my vote because Equal Parenting is in the best interests of children and society.
      Best regards

      David Mortimer

      MK Men's Aid - UK Father's News.

      "When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law."


      Dear Editor,
      Thanks to Kate Kelland's excellent article I now know where I will make my
      contribution to improving the life and future of my children and family. I
      will not vote for Labour, the party which seems to prefer its own empty
      rhetoric (and the political cronies of Tony Bliar) than the lives and future
      of our children, our families, our heritage and our society. The fight of
      Fathers 4 Justice, is the fight that must be taken up by everybody in this
      country who is concerned about the deteriorating fibre of society, and the
      breakdown of the family. The now notoriously discredited Family Courts and
      the derided CAFCASS must be reformed.  They endanger our future and the
      future of our children.  They let down children, men and fathers, as even
      the most senior judges have stated openly, and publicly. This form of child
      abuse must stop now.  Labour should introduce legislation immediately making
      parents equal in law in their duty, responsibility, and privilege of caring
      for their children after divorce.
      It is not just children who are denied the love and care of their fathers
      while they are growing up who suffer.  All of us pay the price of
      fatherlessness.  As fatherless children grow to become underachieving,
      emotionally insecure, less productive, less healthy individuals who have
      more difficulties in forming relationships, and leading independent lives,
      so does the cost to society increase.  Whether through higher health care
      cost, benefits for children and mothers, or policing costs, court costs, and
      the cost of supporting an ever growing section of society reliant on
      benefits as they are unable to achieve minimal levels of well-being befiting
      this modern society.  During Labour's current government some 300,000
      children lost their relationship with their fathers due to the Family
      Courts. Can we afford this?

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