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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Let's reconsider

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  • Stephen Gottfried
    Jim wrote: Oh, I can do this with the utility bill. Great. This is really good to know. NOT Did anyone say one should do this on a curren utiltiy bill? But...
    Message 1 of 22 , Aug 19, 2004
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      Jim wrote:  Oh, I can do this with the utility bill.  Great.  This is really good to know.  NOT

      Did anyone say one should do this on a curren utiltiy bill?   But...

      You can novate an old utility bill....but the untility does not have to provide you with service if you do not pay your current bill....and there are a surprising amount of programs that will reduce your current obligations if you ask them....

      I have stopped a foreclosure with the commercial redemption process for over two years...you can make negative comments if you wish but it does work.....it requires you to bind the creditor to a new contract to settle the account....if you have a contract to settle the creditor can not sue you and win.....because you have a paid reciept that proves there is a new contract.....I have done this and have never had to appear in court....if the creditor tries to do anything I just make them a counter offer in the form of a conditional acceptance ....ie ....your offer is conditionally accepted upon presenting proof the creditor has not accepted a new contract to settle the account and presenting proof that the payments on the new contract are not current.... this tosses the ball back to creditor and now he must respond or default on your offer.....Hope this helps you understand the method.....I only present it  because I have used it many times successfully myself....I know it seems too simple when one first hears about it....


      Commercial Redemption(tm)        

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