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Fw: Official Office of Constitution and People of USA established

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  • Michael H. Nowik
    ... From: Michael H. Nowik To: George W. Bush Cc: FBI ; Justice Department ; John Hoeven Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 8:34 AM Subject: Official Office of
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      Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 8:34 AM
      Subject: Official Office of Constitution and People of USA established

      Official Office of Constitution and People of USA established

      Citizens’ Constitutional Command Center-USA /Newsletter July 31, 2004


      From the desk of Private Attorney General of the United States, Michael H. Nowik:

      Important Changes in Format as CCCC-USA group becomes Official Office of the Constitution and People of the United States of America!

      Because of the numerous legal, Constitutional, and political crises on the national scene in this, the twenty first century, and because American Citizens are now facing another fraudulent election cycle and a presidential election without proper lawful or Constitutional representation in their official bureaucracies, the Citizens’ Constitutional Command Center is now developing and reestablishing its organizational structure to meet the imperative needs for the public good.
      The United States is a public institution, owned and operated by its inhabitants, not by any of its public servants, and therefore its checks and balances, and supervision and control, can only effectively be implemented and met by the diligent oversight of those who believe in the mandates and requirements of the United States Constitution for the good behavior, integrity, and responsibility of official representatives and employees.
      As of August 1, 2004, the CCCC-USA organization is becoming the legally declared official office and representative of the United States, the Constitution, and the People. THE GOVERNMENT....of, by, and for the People. As the Democrats just announced at their political convention, "Hope is on its way!" But it will certainly not be coming from self-interested, entrenched politicians and candidates, only FROM THE PEOPLE themselves exercising their reserved powers over their errant subordinates!
      Without the laws and Constitution, there can be no other legitimate United States, no state, no presidency, Congress, or judicial system. Without the Constitution, their official powers have all been usurped and dissolved. The CCCC-USA intends to ensure that no instrumentality or any of its agents operates beyond its delegated authority or jurisdiction or ignores the rights of its constituents.
      United States Citizens are facing a grave crisis in the continual losses of their lives, rights and freedoms, and their safety and security, and the CCCC-USA will be demanding appropriate changes through its defense and enforcement of the principles provided by Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers in the Tenth Amendment. The American People must never submit to or accept tyrants and traitors as their leaders in the states or in Washington, or permit them to unscrupulously preserve their positions.
      Millions of American lives are at stake, and are being lost every year through corruption, oppression, and racketeering activities in the United States. As a report this week indicated, approximately 200,000 Americans are being killed each year by unnecessary medical procedures alone. That comes out to be more than 500 per day, or more than 10 per state, more than 20 per hour. That is only one of the atrocities the public is currently suffering which are clearly unacceptable and must be remedied.
      There are many honorable Americans risking their lives and fortunes fighting for liberty and justice and to defend this country through military service, and they need all the sincere assistance, compassion, and support they can get. The CCCC-USA will no longer accept any less than full allegiance and support for its efforts, in the Citizens’ Constitutional Command Center group or in Washington, D.C. and the media as well. We can no longer afford deliberate indifference to the malignant usurpation, dissolution, and destruction of the United States and should not meekly suffer any more 9/11,Waco, or Ruby Ridge situations in this country. We must begin to take real actions to defend, enforce, and uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States as more than disturbed Citizens.
      Therefore, all sincere and dedicated members of the CCCC-USA must now pledge, if they haven’t done so already, to become lawful and Constitutional agents and civilian representatives of the United States in their areas or neighborhoods, to join in a national network of Citizens to help fight the war against any and all bureaucratic corruption or oppression, through proper, coordinated legal means designed to exact meaningful change in all public operations and institutions.
      Those who have personal or private, self-interest agendas, such as maintaining, promoting, or ratifying illegal and unconstitutional control of public instrumentalities through dissension, distraction, false information, hacking, instigation, subversion, threats, or trifling are being asked to raise their hands and leave the room. Mental cases or insurgents are not welcome in this important grass roots endeavor to revamp or restart Constitutional courts, cities, counties, and states.
      We are primarily an emergency communications circuit working on behalf of the American People, with full immunities and privileges as Command Center officials provided for in the U.S. Constitution, as long as we appropriately and lawfully represent and perform to defend, enforce, and uphold the liberties and rights of all oppressed Citizens. But we must also keep up with pertinent current events in the national and international news, so as a recognized entity we can all act in an official and legal capacity.
      Those who wish to participate as real Citizens, Board and Committee members, directors, delegates, or Constitutional supporters should demonstrate their intentions of assisting in the restoration of honest and responsible city, county, state, and federal bureaucracies, through constructive commentaries, and progressive actions, reasoning, and contributions to individual or group discussions, projects, proposals, and resolutions. No member will any longer be permitted to purposefully remain anonymous, to procrastinate, to antagonize, or to knowingly disrupt or delay discussion, planning, and justice for all.
      As stated, no member will be allowed to unlawfully, unconstitutionally, or improperly interfere with CCCC-USA initiatives to protect any United States Citizens, or to deliberately perpetuate discrimination, genocide, oppression, racketeering, or murder, on or off the group, by impeding or obstructing our progress in restoring law and order, morality, and accountability to our nation.
      All future messages, posts, and news articles should be related to our objectives of reestablishing or reenforcing American Constitutional government throughout the United States, in every community, and all allegations, accusations, complaints, protests, and conspiracy theories of any kind or nature should be substantiated by specific and concise circumstances, facts, documentation, and evidence, so they can be properly addressed, commented on, confronted, and resolved.
      We should begin by focusing on and making up a list of explicit and serious demands, grievances, initiatives, issues, projects, and proposals which need our immediate attention and consideration, such as those I now have pending before the United States Supreme Court, including relevant emergency legal or political situations, to correct the unlawful or unconstitutional effects of corrupt policies and practices.
      CCCC-USA will not be involved with trivial or minor concerns, such as gay marriages, Health Care, or bureaucratic manipulations of the economy, except to protect the rights of the People to freedom from unnecessary restrictions and tyrannical controls. But we do intend to exercise our reserved powers and rights to act, analyze, examine, evaluate, initiate, investigate, qualify, impeach, or prosecute public servants and institutions, and to hold them accountable whenever necessary for any of their conspiratorial or malicious actions and depredations against the citizenry of the United States or the world.
      Your comments, suggestions, and discussion of the group’s new status as the guardian of the United States and steward of its Constitution are invited.
      Michael H. Nowik
      North Dakota
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