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RE: [tips_and_tricks] problems with rental security deposit

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  • Cloverleaf762
    If the contract that was signed says that you are out 100.00 FRN s. Make sure they have an actual contract like that with your name on though. If not they will
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 12, 2004
      If the contract that was signed says that you are out 100.00 FRN's. Make
      sure they have an actual contract like that with your name on though. If not
      they will owe you everything. Then at worst it could be settled in small
      claims in around 30 days.

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      I'm having a little problem with the management company of my last
      apartment. Here's the problem, with a little background.

      1-We got our first month free, so we paid pro-rate rent (we moved in
      5 days early) and our security deposits. About a week after the 1st,
      they send us a notice basically saying we owed them money when we
      didn't, and they admitted they'd made an error (they use all paper
      and whiteout there) so everything was settled we thought. Next day
      we have an eviction notice. Again they say "oops, we forgot we
      settled this yesterday." We had a few other problems with them
      thinking we were missing money on our rent, because they'd forget to
      write down a check. We were never once delinquent.

      2-move out, they write down our forwarding addresses on the move-out
      inspection sheet.

      3-wait for our checks. former roommate/brother recieved his.
      roommate/boyfriend recieved his. I'm thinking "ok where is mine?" I
      call them up, they say they never had a forwarding address for me
      (bullshit, because they sent one to the same address for my
      boyfriend) and they issued me a new one when it never showed up
      since it was supposed to be "bounced off my old address to be
      forwarded by the post office".

      4. new check came. missing my deposit for our cat, which was $200
      (out of $300). I call them up and they say they'll call me back when
      they figure it out.

      5. they say they will give me $100, because they say although they
      don't have anything to show I ever even paid a cat deposit (?!?!)
      the contract is signed (don't you usually have to pay before they
      sign it?) and it says exactly

      <b>Tenant will pay a $<u>200</u> pet deposit, plus $<u>100</u>,
      which is a non refundable pet fee.</b>

      and they say this means I paid $200, and I get $100 back. I am
      trying to track down the cancelled check to show we did pay $300 but
      so far no such luck. Either my mom or brother paid it, so hopefully
      we're not just mistaken all this time and we will be able to find it
      and get our money back.

      So they're sending a check for $100, and I'm wondering if I should
      just quit messing around with them and file a claim against them. Or
      am I reading this contract wrong? They keep losing all our paperwork
      so it's a damn good thing I even have this contract, since they seem
      to be trying to say we never paid anything at all. Do I need to find
      the cancelled check or will the contract and their habit of
      losing/forgetting things speak for itself in court?

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