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Seminar on how to WIN in the system...

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  • Tally Eddings
    Attorney Frederick Graves has offered to put on a Seminar in Orlando, Florida, and since I live in the area, I volunteered to help him. He proposes a SATURDAY
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2004
      Attorney Frederick Graves has offered to put on a Seminar in Orlando, Florida, and since I live in the area, I volunteered to help him.  He proposes a SATURDAY Seminar, 9 AM through 5PM with an hour break for lunch.  He will require a minimum of 30 people PRE REGISTERED so as to secure a meeting place.  Charges will be $60.00 to pay expenses and a Notebook with his materials will be provided.  In order to proceed with plans, please contact Attorney Graves at the address or email below.  I am of the opinion that this Seminar will be beneficial.  Attorney Graves, being the good hearted gentleman that he is, asked me to express to you that IF the payment is a problem for you, he still wants you to attend, just notify him of you situation and he will admit you to the Seminar at NO COST.  In order to make a definite scheduled date and secure a Hall for next month, PLEASE EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST IMMEDIATELY.  The email address is: lawbook@... <lawbook@...>.
      Attorney Graves will travel to Houston, Texas, and elsewhere for Seminar's upon request.  As you can see, he is most eager to get the message out about how we can WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM and WIN.  I know, I know, this sounds like an anomaly to me, too, that is why I want to hear what he has to say.  There is nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain, IF TRUE.  Let us see.
      I hope we can get enough interest to make this Seminar possible and I hope to see you there.
      I have NO FINANCIAL gain from this.  In fact, neither does Attorney Graves.  The fee is only to cover expenses and to assure that you will attend because you have a vested interest by your pre-payment.  The one day Seminar will be worth your time and money and if you are of the opinion that it was not, your money will be refunded upon request.  Can anything be more honest and fair?  I think not.
      Please cross post this to your other Freedom and Law groups as desired.
      Thank you Fellow Patriots and I pray God Bless and direct your steps.
      Tally Eddings
      Orlando, Florida
      We win, Tally.
          I remember a case where the IRS was trying to step in and take money from some men I'd sued on behalf of the man from whom they purchased a drug store on a secured promissory note.
          The man I sued went into bankruptcy court, and I appeared before Chief Judge Paskay in Tampa arguing that my client's security position put the IRS at the back of the bus. They'd get whatever was left over, but my client would get first bite.
          The IRS lawyer strutted forward all confident and made a brilliant-sounding argument.
          I then cited cases as far back as Cardozo for the proposition that "good will" on the books is a depreciable asset, just as real as the shelves and inventory, and good will was listed in our security agreement.
          The IRS lawyer came back with a string of rhetoric that would have dazzled all of Idaho.
          Good old Alexander Paskay simply retorted with his heavy Eastern European accent, "Yah. Yah. And dot means you got no leg to stand on!"
          Verdict for my client.
          IRS took zip.
          I do want to explain how this is done at the soonest possible opportunity - seminars, tutorials, movies, audio tapes, whatever it takes.
          What I want most of all in life (aside from the wonderful wife I have) is to travel around this country teaching justice.
          Anything and everything you can do to help will be very warmly appreciated.

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