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Tips for the Pro- Se Re: [pro-se] 'Law' is hearsay? LOL Re: 'Common Law' does not exist in 'American Jurisprudence'

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  • Ed
    Those of you who have witnessed the exchange, between myself and the one who goes by Aaron Burr, should have picked up some very valuable tips. This is what I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2004
      Those of you who have witnessed the exchange, between myself and the one who goes by Aaron Burr, should have picked up some very valuable tips. This is what I can say, with certainty, from the great amount of experience, in our Courts, that I have had without assistance of counsel licenced to 'practice' law (aka 'Attorneys'). This is how to beat those who are represented by Attorneys.
      1 - If you are going into your Court for redress from one who has little money or social status you can easily win with just the Facts and the Law. Their Attorney will fold when their client refuses to put more money into their pocket. I have many 'wins' in these cases.
      2 - If you are going into your Court for redress from a Bank, a large Corporation, someone with deep pockets, you will have to be more prepared to insist your Rights be recognized as 'inalienable'. Be prepared to file complaints against the Attorney(s) they hire to represent them. Be on the look-out for corruption. Big law firms give a lot of money to the campaigns of Judges. Federal Judges do not have to campaign but it is among these that you will find the most corrupt Judges of all. Many, if not most, got their life-time appointments because they are so corrupt, and anti-american, in their philosophy of law and, once in this secure position, they can easily establish off-shore or swiss bank accounts. They are, in the opinion of our US Dept. of Justice, 'Above the Law'. This is particularly true with the current Attorney General (Ashcroft) and the DoJ under his watch.
      3 - If you are going into your Court for redress from a government actor and/or a State, or sub-unit of government, you WILL, without question, encounter corruption. You will have to be very well versed in the Law and if you do not believe, in your heart, that your Rights are inalienable then you will not have a chance. I DID win against this type of corruption and have secured judgment against the State of Texas.
      HOW TO WIN.
      MOST IMPORTANT - Keep in mind, always, the Heirarchy of Laws. The 'authority' of the Law in our Nation begins with the DOI. This is followed by our US Constitution and the Constitution of the State in which you live. You have dual citizenship. USE IT. File in both your US Court and your State Court. Your Rights secured in both of these Constitutions are inalienable.
      There are two primary 'games' the Attorneys, and corrupt Judges, will play against you.
      1 -  The most frequent is the 'authorities' game. You witnessed this with the one posing under the alias 'Aaron Burr'. They will try to turn the Law upside down. They will assert that quotes they select from 'Opinions' are the Supreme Law of the Land. They will call these 'Citations' 'Authorities'. They are not. The Judicial Branch of our Government has NO authority to 'make law'. But this is what they are attempting to do with their 'Citations' they assert as 'Authorities'.
      2 - The second is the word definition game. They will attempt to impose upon you their perverted definitions of words. The best way to counter this is to ask, and demand, specific definitions for the words they use. Become familiar with the various definitions of these three words - 'Court', 'Jurisdiction', 'Discretion'. They expect that those who have not been given a Title of Nobility (license to practice Law) will not know, or understand, the definitions of these words.
      3 - What they are trying to do is direct the focus away from the Law. You must counter this by referring to the 'supreme Law of the Land' frequently. Do not let yourself be discouraged when corrupt Judges ignore your citation of the exact text of our US Constitution and your State's Constitution. It is frustrating when you put this into your documents and the Judge acts as if they are not even there. Instead, in hearings, and in response to your record, the corrupt Judge will focus on what is only the select quotes of OPINIONS of Judges that the Attorney for the other side has thrown into the mix for discussion. You job will be to bring the focus back to the undisputed Facts and your citations of Well-Established Law that is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. See Article VI of our US Constitution.
      4 - Remember always to restate, and restate, the FACTS and the LAW that applies to those facts. Remember always SUBSTANCE OVER FORM. They will try to circumvent the substance of your case (the Facts and Law) by trying to make 'procedure' and excuse to deprive you of 'Due Process of Law'. 'Procedure' is NOT 'Due Process of Law'.
      The Supreme Law of the Land is our Declaration of Law (commonly referred to as the Unanimous Declaration of Independence) followed by our Constitution for the United States, followed by the Rights reserved to you by the Constitution for the State in which you live, followed by Acts of Congress. Finally, by the Statutes of your State to the extent consistent with the foregoing.
      The rest is 'heresay'. It is not 'Law'. 'Common Law' is NOT Law in this Land. It is British Jurisprudence and was it's authority was removed by the establishment of American Jurisdprudence that began with our victory in the American Revolution.
      Finally - to keep your spirits up - Remember that a 'win' is defined by you. You win by making a stand for America and Americanism (a Patriot). You win by exposing Attorneys and Judges who are Anti-American (Torries). You win by exposing dishonor in our Courts.
      If you want to determine what winning is by the amount of money you put in your pocket then I suggest you get a job in government. If you have the means you might be able to get elected or appointed to a government job. Become one of them. Witness how Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, with the help of their duck-hunting friends in our US Supreme Courthouse, get away with torture, murder, and the theft of BILLIONS. If caught an 'apology' is the most severe punishment you will face. If you admire this then join them. Label your fellow Americans 'enemy combatants', deprive them of their Human Dignity, and let the next Civil War begin.
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ed44/  Join our Experiment in OpenLaw
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      I use the words of the Founders. I cite the Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. You call this 'heresay'. Selected quotes from the opinions of those who have held an Office in our Judicial Branch of our government is NOT 'Law'. It is heresay. Yes - you are now too busy because you have been exposed as an infilrator and a traitor. Ed44
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      Subject: Re: [pro-se] Redress - Was Re: Magna Carta? Fw: 'Common Law' does not exist in 'American Jurisprudence'

      Dear Ed,

      Why do I need to give you a definition?

      YOU DON'T.

      Why should I take the trouble to give citation--to a guy who ONLY USES
      HEARSAY (the world according to Mr. Ed) and nothing more?

      Why don't YOU get a law dictionary and start looking up law.

      I'm busy.

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