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    BEWARE THE THOUGHT POLICE By Winston Smith Those unaware are unaware of being unaware Credit exists only in thoughts. When the IRS has written that dollar
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2004
      By Winston Smith

      "Those unaware are unaware of being unaware"

      Credit exists only in thoughts.  When the IRS has written that
      dollar bills "are not dollars" and the Federal Reserve wrote
      that their system "works only with credit" (dollar bills are bills
      of credit)  we are on the thought standard as opposed to the gold
      standard.  We must first think that a law requires us to use W-4
      forms, then think we have an income of dollars  and then think a
      law requires us to report an income of dollars when no lawyer can
      prove any of these things.

      The first function of George Orwell's thought police is to influence
      our thoughts with fear of jail and of property confiscation. They are
      aided and abetted by their ministry of fear, the perfidious press, that
      prevaricates persistently. 100 per cent of all reports on government
      spending are lies in a system that works us ONLY with credit! 

      Their second function is to monitor thoughts of terrorized citizens
      as they express their thoughts on 1040 forms.  If they think what the
      thought police think they should think and report what the thought
      police think they should report, the  thought police might think about
      not terrorizing them any further--but don't count on it!

      The Imaginary Revenue Scum never ask in writing for "money"
      because we might ask them what substance became money after the
      banks stole our silver coins.  If they dun you, they ask for "checks and
      money orders".  They never ask for money!  They know the system (same
      as Hitler had) works us ONLY with CREDIT.  Their ultimate function is TO
      regulate our consumption by regulating our use of what Nobel Laureate,
      Paul Samuelson called "counterfeit" in his Economics 4th Edition   

      "If governments should refrain from regulation...the worthlessness
      of the money becomes apparent and the fraud upon the public can
      be concealed no longer"--John Maynard Keynes

      "We are all Keynesians!"--Richard M. Nixon

      When you file a 1040 form or give any information to government,
      you not only waive your rights that millions bled and died to pre-
      serve for you, but you are helping conceal the fraud that we are all
      victims of.  SHAME ON  YOU IF YOU DO! 

      "Render unto Caesar"?  That was our Lord's advice, to the
      Herodians, not to his people!   Even if he  had so advised his people,
      Caesar was the master of SLAVES.  Are the people in Washington
      supposed to be our masters or are they supposed to be our servants?
      Obey the higher powers?   Can those vermin in the District of
      Criminals be a higher power than we who put them there? 
      Does the pot instruct the potter?

      Land of the free?   With credit being nothing and government
      paying for nothing, EVERYTHING is free to government!
      We are free people because our subrosa government gets us for
      free to use, accuse, amuse or abuse as they see fit.

      Home of the brave?   Is it bravery or stupidity to ride a Murdercycle
      80 per when you are drunk?   Is it bravery when you send your sons
      10,000 mile to get shot at  by "communists" while lawyers and lawyer-
      judges are enforcing all ten planks of Karl Marx's Communist Mani-
      festo with real estate tax, income tax and  inheritance tax being the 1st
      three planks and the Federal Reserve act of 1913 filled plank number
      five? Is it bravery or ignorance when a cop swaps bullets with bank rob-
      bers when it is not possible to steal money from a bank?    Is it bravery
      or cowardice when you voluntarily file 1040 forms which can not be done
      without waiving your rights that millions bled and died to preserve for you? 
      Is it bravery when you vote for the lesser of two evils or when you tell the
      world that voting  changes nothing but the faces of parasites ?  

      Bravery is when you ask your servants at the IRS to tell you what statute
      makes you a person subject to Marx's second plank.   Bravery is when you
      ask the IRS thought police to explain how they can get money from you
      when all that you have in the bank is numbers.   Bravery is when you say,
      "Hell no. I won't go!" to your draft board.    Bravery is when you tell your
      minister that he serves Satan with his silence on the evils listed above and
      his nonsense about Jesus coming soon.  To believe he is coming is to deny his presence!   Not one verse in Bible says Jesus "is coming" though 20 or more verses say He would return before the disciples all died.   Are they all dead?

      The BRITISH  New World Order can not prevail without control of all divinity schools which they have had for decades if not a century."By their fruits ye shall know them!"  Any minister who says, "Render unto Caesar" or , "Obey the higher powers" or who promotes democracy or keeps it secret that all ten of Marx's planks are enforced in America is serving the BRITISH New World Order.

      For more on the British use of religion to enslave the world,
      request UNION JACK

      "My people perish for lack of knowledge"  Hosea 4:6

      Please request"": Why Wipe Out Women    hadagin@...

      Also:  IRS In Scripture

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