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Fw: NEWS RELEASE: Will the U.S. Supreme Court Reopen American courts?

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  • Michael H. Nowik
    ... From: Michael H. Nowik To: survivormhn@yahoo.com Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 12:55 PM Subject: Fw: NEWS RELEASE: Will the U.S. Supreme Court Reopen
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      Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 12:55 PM
      Subject: Fw: NEWS RELEASE: Will the U.S. Supreme Court Reopen American courts?

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      Subject: NEWS RELEASE: Will the U.S. Supreme Court Reopen American courts?

      Fellow Americans,
      This is the most important news release you will ever have a chance to participate in.  An opportunity to help restore the laws and Constitution of the United States.  To end judicial misconduct and official corruption in your state, and bring liberty and justice back to American Citizens.
      If you are the President, senator, congressman, governor, or other state or federal official, you can begin performing your required duties and responsibilities on behalf of the People.
      If you are a media representative, you can now start telling the public the truth about how their public employees are really operating.
      If you are a normal American Citizen, you can help by forwarding this information to all of your friends and neighbors through your internet mailing address book, and by every possible means.  But the most valuable thing you can do at this moment is to come to the aid of your countrymen and:
      ---forward this to the president@..., your senators and congressmen, your state legislators and officials, and state and national media sources, to make them aware that the People will no longer tolerate oppression, racketeering, or tyranny from their public servants.
      ---repeat the mailing in another week to the same officials and media members to let them know that you haven't forgotten them, and that you want corruption to end immediately.
      Let's convince them we are serious by filling their mailboxes with this news release so they learn how to read and know we real Americans mean business. 
      Thanks for your assistance in returning the integrity and principles of our country. 
      Citizens' Constitutional Command Center-USA
      NEWS RELEASE: April 7, 2004
      Washington, D.C. - In a brief filed Friday, April 2nd, to the U.S. Supreme Court, an independent federal prosecutor is opposing the precedent-setting decision of federal judges that American courts are closed to the laws, Constitution, and the People, and claims that they are presently operating illegally and unconstitutionally. 
      Demanding that the Justices use their supervisory powers to reorganize and reestablish the state and federal judicial system in accordance with the Constitution, Michael H. Nowik, of Dickinson, North Dakota, is also pursuing judicial misconduct claims against the federal courts and judges over a ten year old civil racketeering case and ongoing official persecution and oppression. 

      Since 1994, Nowik, as an extortion victim, has been attempting to assert his constitutional and civil rights to liberty and justice through the state and federal courts, by lawfully pursuing criminal and civil prosecution against a large group of greedy, violent, extortionist gamblers and racketeers in the illegally state-controlled, financed, promoted, and regulated interstate gambling industry.

      He has been corruptly obstructed at every turn by discrimination, slander, defamation, and libel, bias and prejudice, denial of due process and equal protection of the laws, unreasonable seizure from his home, false arrest and malicious prosecution, perjury and false statements, involuntary commitment, imposition of excessive bail, deprivation of each and every possible civil or constitutional right, the denial of his civil rights to prosecute, to sue, or to demand legal remedies.

      There is no longer any legitimate, legal, lawful, official, or Constitutional representative of the state of North Dakota or its inhabitants. None have properly appeared in the courts for all these years. All have repudiated their representation of the state and its people, and thereby their United States citizenship, through their corrupt and fraudulent actions, deliberate indifference, neglect to prevent, and ratification of unlawful and unconstitutional activities and enterprises, for the corrupt purpose of sustaining illegal control of the state and its people, and are no longer eligible to hold any office or position under the United States of America.

      In August of 2003, the U.S. Justice Department finally began federal prosecution of Racing Services, Inc., of Fargo, North Dakota, the company licensed by the state to operate all of the simulcast horse and dog wagering sites across the state of North Dakota, for recent illegal interstate gambling operations with $99 million in unreported wagers, and income tax evasion of over $6 million in the past couple of years, and for operating secret, illegal, and off-shore interstate and internet gambling sites. Trial in that separate case has been delayed until August.

      Originally instituted in United States District Court in Bismarck, North Dakota, in 1995, Nowik's case was abruptly dismissed by a federal judge legalizing extortion, obstruction of justice, racketeering, and official oppression, attempting to blame the victim for his troubles and the continuing threats to his life for pursuit of justice.  

      Denied hearing on appeal all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, this case now involves thousands of violent and atrocious criminal, civil rights, and constitutional violations, additional multiple defendants, the retaliatory lifetime confiscation of his driver's license,  continuing threats to kill or eliminate Nowik, and constant official persecution and oppression to obstruct justice.   

      This is Nowik's third petition to the U.S. Supreme Court and it now states that the primary issues pertain to the "arrogant abrogation, abdication, and renunciation of jurisdiction over cases arising under the laws and Constitution of the United States, through the dismissals, denials, and closure of Appellant’s valid removal action from state court, and denial of default judgment" for failure of the state to appear.

      "They also pertain to the continued and endless judicial malfeasance by federal judges and courts in this case since at least 1996, and their propensity to excrete consistently incomprehensible legal decisions, rulings, opinions, and orders, in complete disregard of the facts, laws, rules, events, ongoing official oppression, and crimes against humanity, Citizens, and the United States; to obstruct justice in an undecipherable, foreign legal language repugnant to the Constitution and American People."

      "By extension and deliberate omission of any proper legal reasoning," this petition asserts that an unpublished opinion  of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals panel "thereby also clearly affirmed the intentional, outrageous, judicial misconduct in the federal courts since 1995, throughout this lengthy legal situation....and effectively DISSOLVED the judicial system of the United States and closed all courts to the People." 

      Nowik contends that the Court of Appeals failed to properly address or adjudicate any of the important Constitutional and legal issues presented on appeal which remain of grave public concern, and has contributed to the conspiracy to keep him a virtual prisoner in his home under constant official threats to his life, liberties, and property.

      He argues that "Issues of fairness and substantial justice trump irregular and improper judicial proceedings and fraudulent discretionary rulings that aid, abet, or perpetuate corrupt criminal activity and clearly establish appropriate federal jurisdiction and the right of the People to exercise their reserved powers to redress valid grievances."

      Nowik insists that "The burden on the multitude of official and private defendants in this case to properly appear, the interests of the forum state’s inhabitants, Petitioner’s interest in obtaining relief, and the interest of a Constitutional judicial system to find a solution to the legal problems and issues, clearly outweigh the federal judges’ opinions over the years in this case that violent extortion and racketeering, and genocidal persecution and oppression, are legal, may continue without end, and are somehow beyond the jurisdiction of the federal courts, laws, and Constitution."

      He demands that the U.S. Supreme Court Justices use their supervisory powers to "order the IMMEDIATE suspension, closure, investigation, reorganization, and reestablishment of all courts within the United States, so they and their officials or employees may be publicly investigated, evaluated, qualified, and certified as competent and capable of serving as Constitutional courts, of, by, and for the People."

      The entire petition to the Supreme Court may be viewed on the internet at www.michaelnowik.blogspot.com.


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