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  • Frog Farmer
    ... You got me - I didn t know that they did. I don t have to go that far to make the law work for me. I just use those documents you referenced above. I
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 15, 2004
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      On Wednesday, March 10, 2004, at 07:07 AM, David-Allin: Sautter wrote:

      >     Yesterday, I was reading an attorney's certificate to practice law
      > from the California Supreme Court and it accorded in the text,
      > reference to the oath as well as license.  I have a copy of
      > California's Constitution, Article XX, Section 3 with reference to the
      > oath requirement, and I also have a copy of the Business and
      > Professions Code Section 6067 that references an oath being attached to
      > the license.  My question then, to you Barry and/or Frog Farmer is how
      > did the judiciary become authorized to dispense licenses.

      You got me - I didn't know that they did. I don't have to go that far
      to make the law work for me. I just use those documents you referenced
      above. I don't care WHO dispenses anything, so far anyway (there's no
      office that is not vacant in California! - and Oregon and Washington,
      maybe even more places...the Soviet Union is gone too!)
      >     Recently, I was cited for blocking traffic when I got stuck in an
      > intersection and was issued a non-moving ticket for $177. 

      In Califiornia, "tickets" are not only bogus, they are voluntary. Why
      did you accept it if it was inappropriate to accept? You are
      responsible for your actions (or you are not!)

      > I was polite but emphasized that it would seem the officer's predation

      You found an officer??!! WOW!! Where was this? I think you're probably
      mistaken and were the victim of an impersonator. I'm surprised you
      never tried to qualify him.

      > was an opportunistic revenue plunder.  He did not appreciate that,
      > then officiously declared that because it was not a moving violation,
      > he did not have to show up in court, should I elect to challenge his
      > citation.

      You should have challenged it right there. There might have been an
      occasion for a mutual arrest.

      >   At the arraignment, I got the judge/referee to ackowledge my right to
      > obtain the assistance of an attorney.

      Some assistance! Why didn't you qualify the judge to make sure he
      really was a judge, and then immediately disqualify the judge for
      cause? I've never seen a valid arraignment in over 25 years, but here
      you say you were lucky enough to get one. WOW again! Of course, if you
      waive enough rights the record would show you had one whether you really
      did or not.

      >   I asked if she meant a licensed attorney, and she said "Yes, yes, a
      > licensed attorney!" See where this is going? 

      I know where it COULD go...

      > My intent is to present the judge/referee with the documentation and
      > state that I could not locate a bonafide licensed attorney as requried
      > by law.

      They're going to wonder why you accepted them, since they are as
      disqualified as any attorney. They'll know you don't know what you're
      talking about, or else you'd be disqualifying everybody involved. To
      prove me wrong, produce the proper oath for anyone, and their name and
      date they took it. So, "the judge" will want a list of all the
      attorneys you've properly disqualified. You'd best disqualify some.

      >  What is the status or bearing of the attorney's certificate from the
      > Supreme Court?  My apologies for being verbose.  Just looking for
      > answers. 

      Why did you allow everyone to impersonate an officer with no objection
      or challenge on your part? Why did you honor their requests (since
      unqualified neighbors cannot make lawful demands upon you in the name of
      corporate entities)? Why are you willing to waive more rights by being
      represented by an attorney? Why aren't you introducing the issue of
      counsel of your own choice into the matter (no case, since there will be
      no formal verified complaint on file)? You are being played like a
      victim of the Impossible Missions Force, being made to think things are
      real when they are fake, but you don't move to object in a timely
      fashion, so the charade progresses. Every lie you permit to pass
      becomes real on the record. Soon, when you cannot stand the pain, and
      you finally stop cooperating, they may ask, "what took you so long?"
      How many lies are you going to wait to go back over?

      Have you even looked up the statute defining an arraignment? Tell me
      that what happened to you conforms to that! I won't believe it!
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