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State Zero Return Attachments for Every State with an Alleged "Income Tax"

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  • Kevin Hart
    Keith Standifer wrote: I am confused here. I filed no special attachment with my two state income tax forms, just my federal zero return and
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 29, 2004
      Keith Standifer <keith@t...> wrote:
      I am confused here. I filed no special attachment with my two
      state income tax forms, just my federal zero return and attachment,
      and they both refunded money. Don't all states "piggyback" to the
      fed return?


      Yes, most of them do piggyback to the federal definition of the word "income". Every state that has an alleged "income tax" has their own version of their codes that should mirror the provisions of the IRC. Although they are similar, we should use the correct code sections of the state statutes whenever possible. In the process you will get the state mafias to break a number of their state laws as well. Your job is to document it and tell others about it.

      The problem with using the Federal attachment with the state return is that they go to the federal return you supplied them and they will use that federal return, adjust the return from the 1099's and W-2's form from the employers and then use those same forms against us. Why do you want to help them by giving them the federal return? I'd make them work for once and let them get the federal return from the feds instead. Since they're getting the information from us so easily and without much trouble, they're allegedly assessing us faster with our help, then if they would get from the feds.They
      believe they want us to approve this process by using what the feds give them and apply it to the individual states in violation of the state statutes. Let them waste the tax money trying to spend their budget on getting the information from the feds than they would spend on going after others. The longer you can take their money from them, the more dependent they get on federal aid. Remember, individual states are Money Drug Dependant Junkies. They need money to fund their wasteful spending. Since they wouldn't get it from us, they go to the feds instead and beg to them. Uncle Sam is
      the world's biggest money aid pip. It opens others to drop out and stop paying the income tax on all levels. Anything that adds additional burdens to the government is a victory for us. When enough people do this, the government will have to be even more
      despite and disrupt the lives of the uninformed people. The education of it becomes easier and easier to tell everyone about this every issue.

      Every state should have their own web site with these type of attachments. It would create enforcement problems for the individual states. They will turn to the federal government for help to stop this. This is happening to us in Ohio. God is stopping them and we're using the new strategies we put into place over a month ago with his help.

      With the individual state tax returns and the state attachments, it makes it harder for them to violate the state statutes and separate their legislative authority to define "income" in the constitutional sense and enforce it at the same time. Since the state doesn't define it either, with the exception of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we note the states taxing powers and authority to tax individuals as an income tax dispute in question. It's easier to establish as a offensive weapon on appeal. Since there's no
      liability for the state income tax as well as for the municipal and federal income taxes, these individual tax return attachments IOHO are easier to use than all the federal return attachments to the state return. The reward section we put up on the internet can be
      offered to all states that allegedly have an "income tax". It's less complicated to use the individual state zero income tax return and its attachments, and since we don't have to attach the federal return to the state return any more, we don't have as much paper to attach to the state return. The simpler state zero income tax return is always easier to explain to the average citizen than having to explain the federal attachment and the provisions of the definition of "income" on that form. Fundamentally, it's a lot better to use and legally sound to the courts. They have the state statutes staring them in
      the face a lot easier than raising a federal question. They could reject it and tell you that you must take it to the District Court to settle the issues you raised to them. Of course, it more likely that the returns will be processed for faster refunds, if any, on the states that haven't done what the feds have done.

      If we use something every similar to the new return Irwin put out for the feds to the states, since they in all likelihood, haven't seen these type of returns and thus the returns could be more easy to process than the more complicated returns. Refunds and possible no penalties provisions would apply to you. Remember, just as the
      feds are informing the states to assess alleged "$500.00 civil frivolous penalties" to the parties involved for using the more complicated returns, the easier one should fool more of the government employees to issue the refunds to people. The chances are
      they will either process the new returns until enough them are received, and then they will change their policies to reflect what we are doing. It would pose a problem for them to impose their own new policies into the mix. When you look at the trouble we have done to the State of Ohio, you will understand that the other states could be affected the same way. Of course, we are getting the attention of the local media and the local state representatives with the questions we raise to the state. The state pretty much has tried to change the tactical approach on how they are trying to handle us. They have to watch us now since they can't get away with murder like they did in the past. They can't be as arbitrary to the people right now, since the people are more informed on the issues now. This is a good thing for us in Ohio. The tyranny is somewhat down on the folks I talk to on an everyday basis inside the State of Ohio. They're also talking about a repeal of the new taxes they passed
      last year on Ohio Citizens. With hope they may even cut spending too. Only time will tell what they will do.

      Ohio citizens are calling in record numbers to the radio stations asking the questions we posed on the web site to their local radio talk shows in their areas. Frankly, I wish they would have them call me and have me on as a guest of the Ohio radio stations. We had over 25,000 hits on the one year anniversary of the web site without having any search engine listing us on the internet. People are talking about us and people are asking me question after question about when the book will be out and the income tax issues on all levels.

      We are beginning to make a difference here. There's still a long way to go before we take back the state to We The People.

      In closing, using the state return attachments isn't hard since we have the tools to do it real easy. Posting up state web sites and letting others know about it, can help get others to call Irwin and us on these tax issues. It's a big one-two punch against the
      governmets everywhere. Why should we keep a good thing to ourselves, we should give them what we were exposed to and give them a new sense of hope by giving them the good news of the non-payment of income taxes. They too can live an income tax-free day and life.

      Hopefully, we answered your questions in your e-mail.

      As always, have an income tax-free day and life,
      /s/ Kevin Hart Non-Assumpsit
      General Manager
      Truth in Taxation Ministries

      P.S. The e-mail message malfunctioned the other day when we were
      sending out the messages to all of you again. We apologize for the
      errors that came up on the internet. We're going to correct the
      original message, and re-post it up right away. The corrected
      message is posted below this message and the question posed here..

      Boys and Girls,

      Since we're getting so many request for the state zero return attachments. We wanted to pose this idea to you all.

      We thought about is for a long time. Some of the people in other states wanted avoid changing the provisions of the statutes in the states they live in from the Ohio example we give them here on the web site. Why don't you all form a group to form a common web site and share this idea with others who can use it as a help and referral to other zedheads in the future. Every state in this nation with the exception of Ohio can be used this way. Sorry, we already have the State of Ohio wrapped up on a web site. Some of the good names could be http://www.paynonewyorkincometax.com, http://www.paynonewjerseyincometax.com, etc. If you need to get search engine submissions, we can help you list them there for the world wide visitor to see.

      Share this idea and see where it takes you.

      As always, have an income tax-free day and life,
      /s/ Kevin Hart Non-Assumpsit
      General Manager
      Truth in Taxation Ministries
      (216) 253-5965
    • David Smith
      good point. You re better off not filing anything at all. It s all voluntary by contracta. When you sign your name on something.. be verrrry careful. Dave ...
      Message 2 of 4 , Mar 3, 2004
        good point. You're better off not filing anything
        at all. It's all voluntary by contracta. When you sign
        your name on something.. be verrrry careful.


        --- Bob law <saveyourpay@...> wrote:
        > Maybe I may wrong, but it appears that this posting
        > was attempting to get others to file zero returns at
        > the state level. Good luck as your on a one way ride
        > to the big house if you are thinking of doing so.

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