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America's Judicial Lies In Rot

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  • A. Schneidmiller
    I am quite sure these jurors believe they are itelligent, however they have shown that they lack a great deal in that area. Any one juror that ignores the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2004
      I am quite sure these jurors believe they are itelligent, however they have shown that they lack a great deal in that area.  Any one juror that ignores the signals that the Judge sends to them through his responses, or statements, had better take two steps backwards, and take another good look at themselves.
      Better yet they should place themselves in the victims shoes, and ask themselves if they would feel it honest and fair if their evidence was blocked in the same manner, and they were not allowed present their evidence to the jury.  
      The belief that every woman, man, and child owes something to this world in a monetary sense, is pure unadulterated B.S.  The belief that one must support the swine of the human race is ridiculous.   You came into this world with nothing and you well leave with nothing.   Even the swine cannot change this ultimate fact. 
      So to all the SHEEPLE that sit on these Grand Juries you had best give it some real deep thought.  Instead of having the attitude' you can't beat city hall ' you best change it to ' I can and will beat city hall '. This is my day to say enough is enough.  You can do that by voting ' NOT GUILTY ' enough of the ' NOT GUILTY '
      votes is what will change the arrogance of the COURTS, the DoJ.   Once again integrity can be restored to the courts and this nation.
      You will also find that most of Congress, and the DoJ (this includes lawyers) are being blackmailed, because they stuck both fists into the ' COOKIE JAR '  and low and behold it was filled with ' SERPENTS '.
      America's Judicial System Lies In Rot 

      We Need To Hear Directly From The Grand Jurors
      And Trial Jurors In The Simkanin Case.

      When something stinks, it is usually rotten. And, the stench emanating from the indictment, trial and conviction of Dick Simkanin is more than We The People can stomach.


      Click Here to read this important WTP article documenting
      the significant judicial and prosecutorial misconduct in the
      federal tax trial of employer Dick Simkanin.

      The article also contains excerpts and analysis
      from the transcripts of the trial. 

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