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Mediation - Passport release

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  • Tim Melton
    Throught the years I ve been faced with dead ends concerning my daughter, I m behind in my support obligations and I ve been trying to make headway but have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2004
      Throught the years I've been faced with dead ends
      concerning my daughter, I'm behind in my support
      obligations and I've been trying to make headway but
      have been finding myself running into brick walls.

      My situation..

      Recently I had found Halliburton was mass hiring for
      jobs in Iraq, I would be making 5x what I normally
      make. My Recruiter explained I needed to check and
      see if I had a hold on my passport. Since my court
      orders were in Texas I called Texas AG's office, they
      told me there was not a hold on my passport. I
      explained ot them what I was doing. I put in my
      notice at my job, pawned my pickup because I lacked
      the money to buy the things required to take with
      me(Since I was living in my truck I am now left
      without a home).

      I get to Houston and I pass everything.. except my
      passport, Seems Ohio put a hold on my passport (Where
      the original demands were made to pursue for paternity
      and support). I'm now stranded, no job, no home, and
      trying to find a job has been incredibly difficult w/o
      these factors. The prosecutor (Local county attorney
      in Ohio) had originally told me he needed 3k cash or a
      contract between me and Halliburton (Since they
      considered that I lied about my passport they aren't
      willing to do much). Now since I've been sent back to
      Colorado it has changed to 3k AND a Contract between
      me and Halliburton. Obviously I do not have the 3k,
      And getting the contract isn't goignt o happen unless
      my passport is clear (The process exclaims the
      contract will not be signed until the day before being
      shipped out.

      I've had my Recruiter try and contact this attorney
      for several weeks, and when I finally got ahold of
      him, he explains to me he refuses to return ANY phone
      calls concerning my problem and that it is left up to
      me to rectify the issues before allowing me to go to

      Overview, It's been 5 months now, and I would have
      paid everything off.. I had knwoing and deliberately
      planned to do this to pay off my arrears, and since I
      normlaly make under 20k a year and the legal issues on
      have 2 states to go to court just for visitation
      requires I come up with 20kish just for visitation..
      This would have been a god send..

      Is there anything I can do, and is there anyone who
      cna help me out on determing the correct actions I
      should take?Please, any help would be extremly

      My daughter is now 11 year old, the last time I saw
      her she was 4 months old. And just this year found
      out I actually exist (And forced to use her legal
      name, he mother has been making her use a false last

      Thank you so much for takign the time to listen to
      my plight.

      Tim Melton

      Tim Melton, Lost father with a found child.

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