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Fw: The Bush economic "recovery"

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  • Michael H. Nowik
    From: Michael H. Nowik Date: Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:03 pm Subject: Re: Fw: The Bush economic recovery Jim, You might be right that
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      From:  "Michael H. Nowik" <survivormhn@...>
      Date:  Mon Dec 29, 2003  2:03 pm
      Subject:  Re: Fw: The Bush economic "recovery"


      You might be right that the courts are probably as corrupt as the
      politicians. It is quite clear that we need an American
      Constitutional government again, but it appears most people aren't
      using their brainpower through brainstorming to find the answers.

      If they would only stop to think, instead of shooting blanks from the
      hip at paper targets on the internet, they might discover the
      problems and the solutions. Yes, the issues are difficult to
      comprehend when jumbled up in thousands of communications. But the
      answer to any dilemma is usually pretty simple and right before one's
      eyes the entire time.

      The Constitution solved many of the questions and concerns from the
      beginning, but there are always many who will defy the laws and
      Constitution for their own interests. No one individual can do much
      against a gang of thieves alone, especially if they appear to be the
      local authority to indifferent bystanders or observers like our
      collaborative media.

      Right now there is no legitimate American official or government in
      my state of North Dakota, and the People have the right to be
      informed. No fraudulent election will change that.

      There are no legitimate American courts in the 8th Circuit which
      covers this state right now, and no false national news articles
      about hearings or trials will change that either.

      But the American People can! Because they have the final power and

      Under the Supreme Law of the Land, there is really only one court in
      this country under the Constitution, which is to provide liberty and
      justice to all Americans. That is the Supreme Court of the United
      States. All other inferior courts are under its supervision and must
      abide by its mandates. No court or judge stands alone!

      If the courts are corrupt, they cannot operate! If the politicians
      are corrupt, they cannot hold office! If a policeman or soldier
      violates the law, he cannot stay in uniform!

      It is quite obvious that the public is and has been brainwashed by
      those who wish to usurp the People's power to control their own
      destinies. So we must take action against these usurpations wisely,
      by following the Constitution and taking appropriate measures to
      restore our rights and legitimate authority.

      That means to coordinate our efforts now, in appropriate projects
      such as a Constitutional Convention of the People, and to close
      corrupt courts and remove all traitorous politicians and parties who
      are maintaining illegal control of our institutions, states, and

      It can only be done if there are real United States Citizens around
      in every city, county, and state to protect their families, friends,
      and neighbors from the threats of despicable domestic enemies who
      could care less about anyone's life, liberty, or property.

      Citizens' Constitutional Command Center

      --- In CCCC-USA@yahoogroups.com, "James Higginbotham" <jimbm433@m...>
      > Howdy Mike..
      well what would you like to start doing?? the courts
      aren't going to help, their as corrupt as the politicians... our
      forefathers faced this same dilemma.. maybe before the next election
      something will happen to push the American people towards stopping
      this madness?? I do know if there is another attack on our country,
      this government will shut this country down.. I feel were in for some
      rough times ahead... Jim..
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