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Re: [tips_and_tricks] taxpayer v. non-taxpayer; you choose

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  • Scott
    Bob, Good questions and statements. CODE s are not Law! As for the W-4 form in the Law Enforcement Manual III, ((IR Manual section 3(27)(68)4.3)) page 44
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2003
      Good questions and statements. CODE's are not Law! As for the W-4 form in
      the Law Enforcement Manual III, ((IR Manual section 3(27)(68)4.3)) page 44
      illustrates a CLASS 5 Tax Code. This is Inheritance and Gift Tax. Sooooo,
      why is everyone filing out a W-4 from an employer??? Getting inheritance
      from the employer or a gift for your hard earned sweat.

      Another interesting note on the same pages is that the employer who sends in
      a W-3 Transmittal of all W-2 they issued out shows as a tax CLASS 1. All
      W-2's are also a CLASS 5 Tax form i.e. inheritance and gift tax.
      To show you how they convert this into a taxable income go to page 32 of the
      LEM book and all withholding and FICA (Form941, 941, W-3) has been converted
      to a BMF(Business Master File) CLASS 1 TAX! How can this be if it starts
      out as an inheritance or gift tax? Can someone SAY REAL LOUD FRAUD!
      Note of interest relating to CLASS 5 tax is the 1099 Forms. All are listed
      as CLASS 5 Tax on page 37 of the LEM, from the 1096, 1098 and all the 1099
      forms. Any subcontractors out there remember the 1099 MISC. Forms. Well
      hold on to your hats because on page 220 of the LEM section 3(27)(68)(14).3
      as of 1-1-90 listed under OBSOLETE TAX FORM OR DOCUMENT!

      So if an employer ever handed me a W-4 I want a copy of his or hers Last
      Will and Testament and or the employer can just send me my weekly gift of
      money to my home while I am on constant vacation because of his nice gift to
      me, and I would be more than happy to pay taxes on this gift money as long
      as I don't have to do anything for the gift.

      Live by Gods Rules and know just what evil you are passing on to those who
      work so hard for you as an employer. We are our brothers keeper and if we
      are to be a poor Shepard's then our flock is diminished from our ignorance.

      Scott Williams
      Denver, Colorado
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