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Fwd: Police State Fwd Re: Rise of the American KGB

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  • Nilbux@aol.com
    In a message dated 12/2/2003 11:02:32 AM Central Standard Time, Nilbux
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      In a message dated 12/2/2003 11:02:32 AM Central Standard Time, Nilbux

      > We have a government limited only by
      > its ability to convince the majority that
      > they are paid with strips of paper and
      > that the majority shall ridicule and punish
      > the few who want God's laws and our
      > Constitution upheld.
      > There is no branch of our government
      > paying anybody for anything. This non
      > payment is not detected because the
      > slaves can get things for their checks,
      > including dollar bills that the IRS said
      > "are not dollars." The distinction between
      > free men and slaves is whether or not they
      > are paid for their labor. The sole function
      > of legal tender is to get labor without pay-
      > ing for it. We would not terrorize people
      > from Korea to Kosovo if our misleaders had
      > to pay for military labor and supplies,
      > The Federal Reserve admits on page 3
      > of Modern Money Mechanics that they
      > operate a confidence game and that the
      > history of banking is a history of fraud.
      > It matters none what they admit when
      > less than one percent read if and those
      > who recite it are subject to ridicule and
      > punishment. I have been ridiculed and I
      > have been punished but I have not been
      > deterred.
      > "My people perish for lack of knowledge" Hos.4:6
      > Request: Beware The Thought Police
      > from: hadagin@...
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