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  • Nick
    Dave, It is quite obvious that you have not done your homework, below are my replies. ... There are 47 other applications for the form 1040 in the parallel
    Message 1 of 36 , Dec 1, 2003
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      It is quite obvious that you have not done your homework, below are
      my replies.

      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Miner" <dminer@f...>
      > Nick --
      > You asked: "why is it when you get a lein or levy that the tax
      >type is 1040 rather than income or section 1 income? Is there such
      >a thing as 1040 form tax? (1040 is an estate tax under section 1040
      >with a 2032A election.)"
      > If you look it up in the Code of Federal Regulations and in other
      >IRS documents, the Form 1040 is listed as an add-on form to the
      >Form 2555 Foreign Earned Income. It has nothing at all to do with
      >Estate Taxes, and everything to do with "income" earned in a
      >foreign nation.

      There are 47 other applications for the form 1040 in the parallel
      table of authorities. the add on to the 2555 is only one.

      > You asked: "do you actually own your home or car?"
      > Excellent question, and we both know that the legal answer
      >is "NO!"

      ok, we agree there, we do not own anything.

      > You asked: "Why would the IRS give up this secret while we have
      been looking the wrong way for 40 years???"
      > What secret? How did it give it up?

      The IRS has hid this estate, trust secret since the advent of social
      security. They let people like Irwin and Larkin rose continue
      patriot myth to dispel the real truth which I see that you subscribe
      to these myths.

      > You asked: "And you say that none of this information has nothing
      >to do with estates, I say re examine your position."
      > I never said anything of the sort. I did say, however, that
      >specific comments of yours were wrong. You are claiming that just
      >about all IRS forms which it claims are related to the income tax
      >are instead related to the estate tax. I say you are wrong in this

      This is where you are wrong Dave. Take the 6209 manual from Chris
      Hansens site and read. You will find it is from a DLN locator number
      where the tax class forms are. You will find all the forms I listed
      to be estate and gift tax class 5. W-2, w-4, 1099. Actually, this is
      rather well known so I am starting to wonder how much you really

      >And if you examine the parallel Table of Authorities, you will find
      >that almost all the procedures, requirements, and penalties have
      >their root authority NOT in Title 26 Internal Revenue Code, but in
      >Title 27 Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Code.

      You are mixing regulations. Regulations are unneccesary for entities
      under territorial jurisdiction as thy are not under general
      applicability and therefore do not need publication under APA rules.
      At one point in time, before 1962, IRS and BATF were under one roof.

      > There is a ficticious name issue in the IRC. But it is not an
      >estate issue -- it is a business name issue.

      If this were true, you would not have an IMF, but a BMF.

      >And the business name is involved in manufacturing bullets or
      >distilling whiskey.

      Huh??? where is the proof of this???

      >It is not an estate issue, except as the forms, procedures,
      >requirements and penalties relate to Title 26 Subtitle B, and very
      >few of them do. The Form 1040 and the so-called income tax have
      >nothing to do with an estate tax.

      I gave you my proof, where is yours?

      > Where do you get this idea that the "W-4, W-2, 1099 forms all tax
      >class 5, estate and gift tax class rather than tax class 2 income
      >tax class forms?" According to the Congressional Record, the IRC
      >and the CFR, these forms are all related to either Subtitle A
      >Income Tax or Subtitle C Employment Tax. I have never heard of
      >anyone other than you trying to relate them to Subtitle B Estate

      This information has been around for years, where have you been?
      Once again, go to Chris Hansens site and do some research.
    • balderdash88@webtv.net
      Where can we learn more about Nick Jennson........and his story ? Bill
      Message 36 of 36 , Jan 2, 2004
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        Where can we learn more about Nick Jennson........and his "story" ? Bill
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