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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: To my good friend Marsha

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  • Margot A DeArman
    Greetings Marsha, etal, Your statement highlighted below is what the farmers around here call Off the Wall and Out to Lunch . I work on the simple basis
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2003
      Greetings Marsha, etal,
      Your statement highlighted below is what the farmers around here call "Off the Wall"
      and "Out to Lunch".
      I work on the simple basis that is proven out by the definitions of "reasonable",
      "unreasonable" and one other term taken from Black's Law Dictionary.
      If [your belief] is "reasonable" there is evidence to substantiate it...
      If [your belief] is "unreasonable" there is evidence against it...
      If [your belief] is unreasonable and you will not change your mind about believing in it,
      the other term from Black's Law that fits is: "Insane Delusion"...!
      I have been assisting people with "administrative procedures" for several years.
      The "administrative procedures" acts, both state & federal are the "people's first
      line of defense"! We worked as a small group based in Michigan. 
      This group is called FISH meaning: For Individuals Seeking Help!
      Our record stands at 70 wins... 3 loses... and 3 that went to court and were won.
      We consider it a win when the bureaurat crawls back into the rocks he came from
      never to be heard from again.
      So, Simply, I ask:
      What is the reasonable basis in fact or law for your statement?
      Can you show any reasonable factual basis for the claim?
      What material evidence, if any, do you have to substantiate your claim?
      I can show plenty of evidence to the contrary... will you change your
      mind about that statement or condemn yourself?
      See also my post IN RE: Constitutional Issues!
      Deo volente,
      James DeArman for FISH
      On Fri, 28 Nov 2003 18:15:33 -0000 "Marsha" <thebreaze@...> writes:
      > This is why we must all understand that the days of
      > remedy" are over.  Angela is correct
      in her post, that the IRS will
      > NOT discuss constitutional issues-- but
      it's because they are not
      > supposed to... 
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