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federal judges don't have to be citizens

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  • Paul Andrew Mitchell
    http://www.supremelaw.org/press/rels/lawless.htm Here is what I wrote in Gilbertson s OPENING BRIEF: http://www.supremelaw.org/cc/gilberts/opening.htm [begin
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2003

      Here is what I wrote in Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF:

      [begin excerpt]

      Evans has never been overturned (see Shepard's Citations),

      notwithstanding a UCLA Law Review article which alleges the

      contrary: "The Constitutional Guaranty against Diminution of

      Judicial Compensation," Vol. 24, Dec. 1976, p. 308 at 332, n. 94.

      C.J. William H. Rehnquist has argued, before the University of

      Arizona Law School in January of 1997, that Evans supra was

      overturned by O'Malley v. Woodrough, 307 U.S. 277 (1939).

      Appellant disputes the main holding in O'Malley supra, for being

      predicated upon the following two false and rebuttable premises:

      (1) there is only one class of citizens (there are 2); and,

      (2) all federal judges are citizens of either class (but no <---- !!!
      federal law requires judges to be citizens at all).

      [end excerpt]

      Yes, it's the Chinese communist model: slave labor
      pays for military uniforms and judges' uniforms;
      we believe that federal judges are heavy investors
      in Unicor.

      Guess who receives the dividends from the profits
      that Unicor "derives" from prison labor? Is Unicor
      charging the Pentagon a market rate for its products,
      while only paying its prisoners 23 cents per hour?

      If you go to the Unicor website, you'll see a man
      in judicial garb, in a photo on that homepage:


      So, when I say that the IRS has infiltrated the
      DOJ and the federal judiciary, I am not kidding
      one bit.

      Sincerely yours,
      /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell
      Private Attorney General

      --- Pat Koenig <patk1@...> wrote:
      > Subject: Judges don't have to be citizens
      > >> Egad!! This is worse than I thought. I have a vivid imagination but
      > >> your "Go figure" comment implies this is not sinister.
      > What began running through my mind as I read your words below is that
      > we, the courts, have been infiltrated with foreigners �spies placed
      > there with the explicit intent to �I can't even begin to think of what
      > it is that would be fitting here.
      > Maybe they are placed in the courts to fill the prisons with .23 cent
      > an hour jobs for UNICOR Prison Industries!! as Rose Lear says.
      > Since their job is only to do that what other reason could there be,
      > but to make more and more of us prisoners?
      > I recall checking the New Jersey and Federal Constitution not too long
      > ago and was shocked to discover the absence of a citizenship
      > requirement for any federal or state judge. Have you found that
      > requirement in the Constitution in case I missed it?
      > How is it possible that people who have power to throw us in jail can
      > be imported from foreign soil and plopped right down and take over our
      > judiciary?
      > Pat
      > , I have obtained SUBPOENA's from the district clerk in
      > >> Sacramento, compelling a subset of attorneys in my case against
      > >> AOL to produce their licenses; all failed to do so.
      > >>
      > >> I have submitted FOIA requests for the Presidential Commissions
      > >> of numerous federal "robes"; DOJ now tells me whether or not
      > >> they have a Presidential Commission in their custody, because
      > >> they are the legal custodians of those Commissions.
      > >>
      > >> Dale A. Drozd turned up without any oath of office and without
      > >> any license to practice law; in order to be a U.S. magistrate,
      > >> he was required by law to be a member of the State Bar for
      > >> at least 5 years.
      > >>
      > >> William B. Shubb turned up without a Presidential Commission;
      > >> he currently claims to sit as the Chief Judge of the USDC
      > >> in Sacramento, the capital of the largest State in the Union!!
      > >>
      > >> Stephen Trott turned up without a Presidential Commission
      > >> and he was assigned to the 3-judge appellate panel in my
      > >> case, when it was at the Ninth Circuit.
      > >>
      > >> I mentioned ALL of these problems in my PETITION FOR WRIT
      > >> OF CERTIORARI TO THE NINTH CIRCUIT, now before the
      > >> U.S. Supreme Court here:
      > >>
      > >> http://www.supremelaw.org/cc/aol/cert.htm
      > >>
      > >>
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