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  • Bowman7a
    Dear List Subscriber The new Commissioner of the IRS, Mark Everson, just public stated that effective enforcement of the tax laws rather than further
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2003
      Dear List Subscriber

      The new Commissioner of the IRS, Mark Everson, just public stated that "effective enforcement of the tax laws rather than further improving customer service would be the main focus of his administration."

      This might scare some people, but I find it hilarious.  Apparently they're just abandoning their ridiculous Orwellian propaganda of providing "services" to America's "taxpayers."  Everson has dropped the charade entirely, and basically sent the message: "okay, we don't give a damn about giving you good service; we're gonna come beat you up until you pay."

      First of all, that's exactly what Rossotti was doing anyway, despite his insane rhetoric about "customer service."  But isn't it interesting that Mr. Everson would make such a public threat a couple weeks after receiving over a THOUSAND letters from people asking they should determine what they owe?


      This is his answer: "Determine what you owe by how much we terrorize you."  (And some people think I'm exaggerating when I use terms like "thuggery" and "Gestapo.")  At least Mr. Everson has dropped the rhetoric, and come out of the closet as a professed extortionist, more concerned with taking money and threatening people than with "serving" the public.

      Since Mr. Everson clearly is a tad "underinformed" (to put it nicely), I don't mind saying this: The feds are doomed in this battle, and they are too clueless to know it yet.  There are two main factors related to "compliance":

      1) Whether someone pays and files.
      2) Whether someone thinks he is OBLIGATED to pay and file.

      By resorting to threats and "collections," the IRS is pretty much abandoning any effort to succeed in #2.  In short, their method is "we don't CARE whether you think you owe; we will just hurt you until you pay up."  Ironically, Pam Olson (question-ignorer extraordinaire) has even publicly explained why that DOESN'T WORK.  If you have 100,000,000 people who do NOT think they owe the tax, NO amount of terrorizing them will keep the fraud alive.

      �Research by social scientists suggests that, when it comes to complying with the law, the belief that the laws are legitimate and ought to be complied with has a stronger motivating effect than the fear of being caught.� - Pam Olson

      (I'm not saying the laws are illegitimate, but the same principle applies to whether someone thinks they owe a legitimate tax.)

      You tell 'em, Pam.  While you're at it, how about following your own advice? Oops, you can't, because you DON'T HAVE any substantive response to the 861 evidence.  You CAN'T convince us that we ought to be paying a tax that we know we DON'T OWE.  Tough luck.

      What I heard from a lot of people after the feds raided my home was very encouraging.  It showed that while the feds might scare a person here and there into paying, their scare tactics are NOT making the issue go away; they are actually SPEEDING UP the spread of the truth.  The feds do not have law or reason on their side, and now even scare tactics do not work in their favor (in the long run).  I've said it before, and I'll said it again:
      THE FRAUD IS DOOMED.  (To any IRS agents reading this, I suggest you start looking for another job.)


      Larken Rose

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