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From the pit of Hell - Mrgaret Sanger and her eugenics thugs are laughing from hell

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  • John H. McNeil
    Bowman7a, This is from Alex s show, today: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terri s Plight Right from the Pit
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2003
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      This is from Alex's show, today:
                                        Terri's Plight
      Right from the Pit of Hell, Margaret Sanger and her Eugenics Thugs are Laughing
      [Alex] Captain Joyce Riley who has a big talk show right here on this network, you probably heard her on some of the national shows, as well is giving us an update on Terri Schindler Schiavo who is in Pinnelas Park, Florida. There's only about thirty people there at a prayer vigil outside. She's conscious, she's looking around, she smiles when she sees her mother and father. She's been given no treatments for thirteen years -- I've been saying ten years -- we've had her family and lawyers and others involved two days ago. They pulled her feeding tube. Irreparable damage will now start ensuing in the next ten hours according to experts. Captain Joyce Riley is a nurse and has actually been by the bedside of people who are dying of cancer whose stomachs have basically been removed who couldn't eat. Takes weeks of tortured pain to die, dehydration, it's nightmarish what happens, I've read the descriptions -- the medical descriptions -- of the skin cracking and bleeding, the tongue swelling up and turning black and cracking, the water leaving for the core organs, the eyes drying out and dehydrating. It is one of the most horrible forms of torture around. Imagine being in a rock slide and being covered with rocks and living for two weeks and dying. That's basically what it's like and it's horrible, the family doesn’t want her to die but the state and her husband have pulled the feeding tube and Captain Joyce Riley has been working on this and we also are going to have an attorney on with us covering this for the next ten or fifteen minutes. She's there in Pinellas Park being killed right now and Joyce has got some of the latest developments. Joyce, thanks for coming on.
      [Joyce Riley] Thank you, Alex, I do appreciate it, this is very difficult to talk about and it's very difficult for a lot of people to think about. But, Alex, it has to be talked about and it has to be addressed right now, as you know. This situation that is taking place and I do have Linda Kennedy conference in here and she's going to give us some of the information. We just got off the line with the attorney's office a few minutes ago and there are a couple of developments from the legal side that I'm going to let Linda address in a minute. But I'm very concerned right now that there's only thirty people down there with a prayer vigil. And I want to say and implore you, if you are in striking distance of Florida, be there at that Pinnelas Park hospice. Be there. It's got to be an outpouring of people that Jeb Bush sees and knows is there. It's got to be an outpouring of people that say, 'not, no, but, heck no, you're not going to kill this woman.' Take your signs, get down there and go. Now, as you said, probably within fifteen hours the damage will not be reversed. What happens is the kidneys are damaged so much from lack of fluid that they begin to shut down, then all the other organs shut down. Now, we were getting ready to leave from here to head down to Florida and it's just that we don't think at this point that we're going to be able to get there in time. So we're begging, begging you to please be there, please go and be there for Terri Schiavo and for everybody in this country. Now, I did take care of a patient who starved to death and it was unfortunately a medical situation where there was nothing that could be done for her. But I took care of a patient every single day for two weeks and let me tell you, it's extremely difficult for me to talk about because I know what she’s going through, but let me just say that you have no idea, the torture that this women is going to be put through. And why in this country we would ever allow this to happen, I do not know. But I am begging you, because if you knew what it would be like to have to watch this woman go into a state of delirium and then a state of unconsciousness and then her body begin to twitch -- I mean, when she wants to live. Also Linda told me that there was a new video that had been done and I'll let her tell you about this video of her when they told her that they were going to take the feeding tube out -- what happened. But I am implore...
      [Alex] And that video's at terrisfight.org.
      [Joyce] No, you know what happened? The court has sealed this video we're going to talk about, right now. This is a new video, Alex, it's not even on the website, the court sealed it. And I'm going to let Linda tell you about that.
      [Alex] How did the court seal, oh, so when she found -- Linda Kennedy... Lawyer, bring her on.
      [Joyce] Go ahead, Linda.
      [Linda Kennedy] Hey, Alex and greeting to your audience. Yes, this video was a video that, I believe it was the father that actually took the video when they told Terri that she was going to have her feeding removed. And she tried to get out of her wheelchair. And she was trying to go for help. This is not anybody who's plugged into anything, not that that should matter, she's not with her eyes half open. I mean, this women is alert as you and I who is now being starved.
      [Alex] What was the description by the father. She obviously began to struggle.
      [Linda] Yes, she did and the statement I got when she was trying to get out or her wheelchair and...
      [Alex] Like an animal caught in a bear trap.
      [Linda] Absolutely. And, evidently, the judge, this judge Greer is no stranger to me, Alex, and unfortunately the story's too long to go into, now. But this judge has been in the news before for very questionable and illegal tactics. And I will take all the responsibility for saying that. Nobody else knows I'm saying that, it's my fault, if anybody wants to sue anybody. But he is known for that. And what he did is he sealed this tape and he told Bob Schindler that if he released the tape he would no longer be allowed to see Terri unless the husband allowed it. And so, Bob...
      [Alex] Well, I think that at this point they've got to go and put the video out, because she's going to be dead, soon.
      [Linda] Absolutely. He did, he did the day before the feeding tube was taken out and this was the video I'm talking about. As you know, I'm sure, and as your educated listeners know, you can't seal a document or a tape of what have you unless you go through numerous steps to show that it's in the public's best interest and it's for national security and that's why you sealed it. What exactly --- what national security are we protecting by sealing the fact that she doesn't want to die and she's totally conscious.
      [Alex] Now, talking to Mr. Schindler, her father and mother, what exactly is on this video tape?
      [Linda] Well, I've got it from them in an e-mail, so I haven't specifically gotten it from their mouth, I got it from their e-mail and it was basically when she was told that she would have this happen to her, she struggled and tried to get out of her wheelchair. And Alex, you may have as I am a regular listener but every now and then...
      [Alex] Well, we've had the Schindlers on the show and obviously right now they're just desperately fighting, meeting with the governor and everybody else trying to save their daughter's life. And we've got fifteen more hours or so according to the medical experts until she's going to be devastated and she's been given no physical therapy, no antibiotics for infections for thirteen years, thirteen years of torture. And, again, you can't do this to an axe murderer, you can't do this to a child molester, but a good, decent young woman who's been in a living hell for thirteen years is now being killed.
      [Linda] That's right. And, apparently, her lawyers met with the sheriff, that's sheriff Rice, and I have his phone number, and also, State Attorney Bernie McCabe, this morning. And they tried to get an indictment against the husband for all of this past, these shenanigans he's been pulling, plus...
      [Alex] By the way, it's on the record, the associated press, they have doctors, they have nurses, saying this woman could be walking if she'd have been given treatment. She used to talk, used to eat food in her mouth. And that he demanded, no, oh, that's treatment and he said that when is the 'bleeper' going to die, he wants to get remarried. That's been in the mainstream news. It came out that it wasn't a heart attack, that she had bones broken, classic trauma. This is incredible.
      [Linda] And, Alex, actually even since or right around Labor Day of this year, some of the indictment is even going to events as recent as that.
      [Alex] Ok, now, what's the name of the sheriff and the law enforcement that wants to go after him, how do we support them?
      [Linda] Ok, now, they're not going after him, that's what we have to do, is we have to get this sheriff who is also...
      [Alex] But you were saying that they were attempting to, but didn't, why?
      [Linda] No, actually the attorney for her met with them this morning and they did not act upon it.
      [Alex] That's horrible.
      [Linda] So what I think what we need to do, though is put that pressure on them, that's Sheriff Rice, R-I-C-E, and that's 727-582-6200 and they need to know that the public is watching. Obviously, the vote doesn't matter any more, but there's still more of us than them, folks.
      [Alex] Now they're in Pinnelas Park, what's the name of the county, do you know the county that Pinnelas Park's in?
      [Linda] Joyce, do you know?
      [Joyce] No, I don't.
      [Alex] We'll dig that out.
      [Linda] Ok. And then the state attorney is Bernie McCabe and his number is 727-464-6221. And the...
      [Alex] Now, the governor can pardon a murderer, the governor can put a stay on this, but he says he'll let the quote courts handle it, that is horrible.
      [Linda] Well you know, it's interesting that even the attorneys are still waiting for this quote, unquote silver bullet of the law. There is no silver bullet of the law, this is just plain wrong and these people can stop it any time they want. The law does not apply to the government, it only applies to us in the way that they want to apply it. So don't anybody think that Jeb did everything he could, et cetera, et cetera. He can stop this anytime he wants.
      [Alex] Well, look, they're setting a precedent. Mr. Winlin, out in California, many others who had Wesley Smith on, Wall Street Journal writer, he can list hundred of names of people who were controlling their own wheelchairs, bowling, able to drop a ball and bowl, talking, begging, please give me food. Every time we do this type of a show, talk about this, nurses call in and say, yes, they kill people at my nursing home, they kill them here, they kill them there. This isn't quote right to die, folks, this is the government because we're an aging population setting the precedent to kill us and this is going to come back on us.  Joyce, do you agree with that?
      [Joyce] Oh, absolutely, and think about Steven Hawking, the most intelligent physicist, who is in a wheelchair, can't speak, can't move, can't do anything...
      [Alex] This woman has more motor control than he does.
      [Joyce] Let me give the address of the hospice. It is Woodside Hospice, located at 6774, 102nd  Avenue, North near 66th Street, North and 102nd Avenue, North in Pinnelas Park, Florida. So...
      [Alex] Joyce, please go over that slowly. Folks, grab a pen and paper, pull over, get a pen and paper. If you're in this area of Florida, shame on you if you don’t go to her aid. If you're in Florida, try to get up there. If you're in Georgia, Alabama get down there now, folks!!!  We've got to stand against this wickedness or we're going to --- you reap what you sow.
      [Joyce] It's Woodside Hospice. It is located at 6774, 102nd Avenue, North and that is near 66th street, North and 102nd Avenue, North in Pinnelas, Florida. And all I can say is, go there, now. If you can be there within ten hours or fifteen hours, be there. Unfortunately, we’re twenty-four hours away, right now.
      [Alex] Exactly. And, folks, she’s in there strapped down in the bed, conscious, in great pain, no water, parched throat, and she's dying, she’s being tortured to death, right now. You think about that hospital room. You think about that hospice room. You think about this thirteen year fight, you think about what’s happening right now, and you understand that this could be you, your son, your daughter, your grandmother, your grandfather, this could be your wife, your husband. America is turning into the pit of hell. And I have an article here about Adolf Hitler and his murdering, starting with one disable child. The parents came to him and said, 'kill our child, euthanize, and Hitler had been getting stuff from Margaret Sanger, planned parenthood, and the eugenics people and that's when it all started in the mid-'30's and look what it led to.
      [Linda] Yes, Alex, interject just a couple of more things...
      [Alex] Sure.
      [Linda] One is, this is unconfirmed, but I have it from the inside that the mother-in-law is the one sitting in there in a sealed room to watch her die -- the mother-in-law. And secondly, as far as this entire situation -- the whole issue of the money from organs, there's an issue of euthanasia and making it legal, etc. But there's another issue that I talk about a lot, is if you have a trust or you have a fund that the courts will actually suck you into the court, appoint their friends over it, and suck it dry, and that's exactly what's happened, here, including the independent expert for the husband who claimed that he had no relationship with the judge or the defense attorney. I told Bob Schindler, you're got to dig up the dirt, you know there's money going back and forth, you've got to dig it up and he found it. They had this long standing relationship that they lied under oath about. That's what's going on here, they sucked her dry, they're going to do whatever other agendas they have to do and that's what we're watching right here.
      [Joyce] Incredible, just incredible, I just beg everybody that can be there, flood that state with people, also flood the sheriff's department with respectful phone calls of how we want to see charges filed because this could happen to anyone if this can happen in the state of Florida. And it's been on CNN so many times, the world is watching this woman die, legally.
      [Linda] I'm sorry, Alex.
      [Alex] No, absolutely, go ahead.
      [Linda] Last thing, I just want to tell people that no matter what happens with this, I mean, we're fighting a beast, we are fighting a beast and even, heaven forbid, if we don't win this one, we have to show them that'..
      [Alex] We have to fight it, exactly, they can't set the precedent here.
      [Linda] That's right. And if we don't win this one, we could win it on the next one, we can stop it, but we can't stop it by sitting there, going, 'isn't that too bad.' I mean, we have to'.
      [Alex] Well, duty is ours, consequences are left to God.
      [Linda] Amen.
      [Alex] And if I saw five gang members beating an old woman to death and I wouldn't think about launching in to attacking them and fighting back even though there wasn't a chance for me to win. I mean, it's just simple, folks.
      [Joyce] Well, thank you, Alex, and we'll continue to update you and the rest of Genesis.
      [Alex] I mean, if there's new developments, she's going to be basically irreparable damage, the next fifteen, twenty hours. I mean, they pulled it on, what, Wednesday at noon, it's now Friday, they say fifty to sixty hours. Joyce, you've worked around this. What would you say about Terri?
      [Joyce]  Well, no, I would say that probably you're right, in the next fifteen hours, it probably will be irreparable. There may some chance, but I don't know, and I think the time to act is right now.
      [Alex] If she's been denied a lot of care in the past that may have made her more hardy in a way against this [Sorry, Alex it doesn't work that way] , but there's no telling, this woman's had quite a fight, imagine being surrounded by this for thirteen years with the family fighting and it shows. Don't just sign papers, the family was all crying, you've been in the hospital for a day, the husband came and said, 'oh, the lawyers say it will be easier if you just sign over rights, that will kind of focus things, get it down to one, one person.' And they said, 'ok,' crying and signed. And don't sign anything, people. Linda Kennedy, comments to that as a lawyer.
      [Linda] Yes, I would agree, everything, well I shouldn't say everything, but most often there's fine print, even if it's not written on the paper, there's legal terms'..
      [Alex] That's tied to US code and tied to other precedents.
      [Linda] Right, normal language doesn't mean normal language in legal terms. When you say you have a right to know, 'know' means something to everybody except lawyers and it means something totally different. So don't sign anything, even though common sense tells you it's ok.
      [Alex] Absolutely, and keep your mouth shut.
      [Linda] Absolutely.
      [Joyce] Thank you very much, Alex, I really appreciate this.
      [Alex] Alright, thank you, Joyce.
      [Joyce] Thank the listeners, too.
      [Alex] You bet, thank you, Joyce Riley and thank you to Linda Kennedy, take care. It's devastating and I'm glad that Joyce came on the show with that update. It hurts my heart because when I see an innocent, weak person penned with coyotes and wolves and hyenas, ripping their innards out and laughing all the way to the bank, it makes me sick, because I know that I'm on the list and you're on the list and we're all, whether you serve it or fight the system, we're all in this nightmare, demonic, filth ridden, corrupt, decadent society where people don't care about each other.
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