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Fw: [MillionDadsMarch] Re: Tulsa Area Father WINS against False Allegations.

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  • dave.mortimer
    tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com ... From: Gregory Romeo To: MillionDadsMarch@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 4:25 PM Subject:
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 4:25 PM
      Subject: [MillionDadsMarch] Re: Tulsa Area Father WINS against False Allegations.

      There already ARE laws for this....  It is called fraud upon the
      People, State, County, etc.  RICO, Obstruction of justice, etc.  It's
      getting a letter of demand placed on the county District Attorney to
      investigate the false allegations and pressuring the DA to move
      forward with charges that gets to be tricky.

      Gregory Romeo

      --- In MillionDadsMarch@yahoogroups.com, "Ken" <ken_forthelamb@h...>
      > It would not surprise me if the DVIS did not suggest that she do
      > knowing there was not a valid reason for it. After all, even if it
      > discovered that she (and they) lied, there would be no big deal
      > made.  The most is a "false reporting" charge which would bring a
      > slap on the hand, a simple no...no. or a few hours of community
      > service most likely in a women's shelter. 
      > It is well past the time to pass a law that will make one who
      > willfully accusing another of a crime subject to the SAME penalty
      > that person would have gotten had then been convicted.
      > Until that time, if one could afford it, the next step would be a
      > civil law suit for damages.
      > ken
      > --- In MillionDadsMarch@yahoogroups.com, tulsafathers@a... wrote:
      > > robert rodriguez" <bigrobrod46@h...> - 1
      > > Tulsa County DVIS - 0
      > > State of Oklahoma Asst Prosecutor Amanda Lee - 0
      > > Rob's Ex-Girlfriend - 0
      > >
      > >   You don't mess with the Fathers in Oklahoma. We protect,
      > and back our own or anywhere on the planet.
      > >
      > > He (Rob) had an Ex-Girlfriend make false charges against him for
      > Domestic Violence/Assault & Battery as well as Rape.  ALL
      > unsubstantiated because she was becoming violent to Rob during a 5
      > month relationship in which the woman was living in Rob's house,
      > > Rob wanted her out and had to actually call 911 to get the woman
      > removed.  She responded with help of DVIS and a list of False
      > Allegations.
      > >
      > > AFTER she was out of the house, she went to the local DVIS
      > (Domestic Violence Intervention Services) and started her
      > from there.  Six DVIS personnel appeared in Tulsa County court to
      > help "this poor abused woman" testify against this large brute of a
      > man because she could not have her way and rule over Rob's home.
      > >
      > > This woman lied, lied, lied and had Rob put in Jail some time
      > gathered the DVIS goons to support her BS claims but hadn't
      > that Rob was put in contact with the same lawyer that I have been
      > working with for well over 1 1/2 years.
      > >
      > > Rob was facing some heavy allegations and heavy jail time, had he
      > been convicted of these allegations.
      > >
      > > He stood tall, was supported by his Family and Friends and won!
      > >
      > > Message: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow False Allegations to flourish.
      > >
      > > Gregory Romeo
      > >
      > > www.MillionDadsMarch.org
      > > www.thetruthandjusticefoundation.org
      > > www.TulsaFathers.org

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