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  • dave.mortimer
    breakfast.tv@bbc.co.uk Date: 05 September 2003 10:11:37 To: breakfast.tv@bbc.co.uk Subject: FAO Sian Dear BBC, The Australian parliament is having an inquiry
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      Date: 05 September 2003 10:11:37
      Subject: FAO Sian
       Dear BBC,
      The Australian parliament is having an inquiry right now about this, with a view to legislation next April. It's been really big news there. Their prime minister, John Howard, says he is minded to introduce a presumptive rebuttable equal parenting act into law, as the last law they made, seven years before, with this intention, simply resulted in more sole custody decisions and more disastrously alienated family members, more children without fathers, without grandparents, without knowing where they come from .... all it would seem because the courts have decided to back mothers as gatekeepers of children, rather than let children know that they are secure with both their parents, even though we now know this is desperately harmful for children - relational security is far more important than bricks and mortar. It really is as though we have taken leave of our senses, when all these alienated and poor families, so many of them single-mother, are the ones which have all the problems, the huge suicide rate for desperate fathers, yet it seems almost a taboo subject in the press to address this? Why? Are you not prepared to face the real human rights abuses which matter and which affect people in this country, because more than forty per cent of children lose touch with their fathers within two years of separation - because their children have absolutely no rights in law, in practice, to be cared for and brought up by both parents?
      The majority of the voting population, from many polls done in Australia on this subject, wants to see equality in the home as in the workplace. They have had enough. The population in the UK are likely to think exactly the same thing if asked. Can we not bring our equality laws up to date and start to act like human beings, stop treating fathers like beasts and their children as though their love for both their parents just didn't matter?
      David Mortimer.

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