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specifics please...So please tell us the specifics, Dave.

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  • Attorney Douglas Palaschak
    Its a two way street Big Dave. Please tell us about your case: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How ? I may be able to help you if you provide me with the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2003
      Its a two way street Big Dave. Please tell us about your case:

      Who, What, When, Where, Why, How ?

      I may be able to help you if you provide me with the information
      that I need.

      Information comes to me in 5 forms:

      1 Chronology,

      2 List of Players,

      3 statutes,

      4 faxed documents,

      5 transcripts.

      All the information that I need can be inserted into two documents,

      1. The chronology. That is your story in chronological order.

      2. The list of players. That contains all the contact information
      such as telephone number.

      In addition, I may eventually need the following items:

      3. The statute numbers will tell me what crime you are charged with
      in a criminal case.

      4. In addition I will eventually need to see the documents in the

      5. We may eventually need the transcripts which are free if you
      can't pay for them in a criminal case and some civil cases.


      A chronology is the story of what happened. The chronology consists
      of many paragraphs. Each paragraph in the chronology begins with a
      date or an approximate date. You place the paragraphs in sequential
      order, chronological order.

      Sample Chronology

      Here is a sample partial chronology:

      1999 July 4 Bill and I went to fireworks display
      at the fair in Ventura.

      1999 August 20th I received summons regarding the divorce.
      The case number is 56 004. Opposing counsel is Joe Smith, 123 Main
      street, Jackson, Wyoming.

      2001 Dec 25 I saw Susie rob the bank.

      List of Players

      The list of players is a place to insert all the information that
      you have regarding the players in this human drama that is the
      subject of your inquiry. The list of players contains a dossier for
      each player. A dossier is a paragraph or two about each player. The
      players in divorce and criminal cases may include:


      your spouse,

      your ex spouses,

      their new spouses,

      your parents,


      children and

      their grandparents,

      judges in your case,

      court address and phone numbers,



      opposing party,

      any police or government workers in your case, etc

      For each player, their dossier should include all the information
      that you have on that person, including the following information,
      if you know it.:


      Telephone number

      Email address

      Web site



      Role in this drama. Tell me if this person is a witness,
      defendant, police officer, whatever.

      What this person did on what dates.

      What you want from this person, etc.

      Make sure that the chronolody includes these details:

      If this is about somebody in jail, please tell me how much is the
      bail, where is the jail, etc. Please tell me the story of the day
      your friend went to jail. Please don't give me the information in
      bits and pieces. Put it all together in once document or two. You
      can update the documents if necessary.

      Question: Have you some sort of legal problem? If so, what?

      Question: What do you want from the court? What would be fair?

      Please do NOT use abbreviations or acronyms. In the alternative,
      define the term upon its first use.

      Make sure that you give us the details. We want to know who, what,
      when, where, why and how with emphasis on WHEN AND WHO and what they

      If you are accused of violating a law, please tell me the statute
      number, such as Vehicle code 23152 etc.

      Even if this is not about a crime, there may be some statutes
      involved, please tell me what particular statutes are involved.

      Please tell me your life story, what do you for living. Tell me
      about your siblings, parents, and children.

      Do you have any history of mental illness? Have you spent time in
      prison or jail? How many times have you been married? Who can I call
      who will tell me that you are an okay person and knows about your

      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "Big Dave" <bigdave72u@y...>
      > Hi all,
      > The last time I asked for help there were a few that wrote back,
      > I only received responses like 'hit em with both barrels' or 'make
      > them work'
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