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  • dave.mortimer
    http://www.fathercare.org/ Final hearing or the beginning of the end. fathers4justice@yahoogroups.co.uk The purple hand gang are all found guilty of criminal
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2003



      Final hearing or the beginning of the end.
       The purple hand gang are all found guilty of criminal
      damage and wrongly having different defences, each will

      I had an application for postponement until after the
      judicial reveiw which was against the judge and had been
      offered no guarantee of impartiality by her after she had
      refused to hear my argument for a jury hearing on June

      If justice is less important than expediency then there is
      no justice in the Courts.

      It took less than 6 minutes on the first day before I
      walked out of the Court telling the judge that I would not
      be party to an unfair hearing. I spent the whole of the
      morning in the waiting room outside and then went and sat
      in the public gallery.

      Both the CPS and the magistrates court have sent documents
      to the High Court and the interested parties but not

      We obviously were all found guilty and have an equal share
      of the costs of about 320 pounds each and one year
      conditional discharge.

      Now the judge faces three appeals of the hearing and a
      judicial reveiw in the High Court where she is the

      Sarah's argument under article 10 was further backed by a
      case recently in Turkey where a groupm of protesteors
      painted a road red in protest against Iraq. The Turkish
      prosecutor refused to pursue stating that they had
      democratic rights and freedom of expression.

      More respect for human rights in Turkey than here!!


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