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BOYCOTT THE BAR Corporate "Interest", "Factions" of Special "Interests", Monopoly, Stranglehold on the Courts

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  • Bowman7a
    BOYCOTT THE BAR Corporate Interest , Factions of Special Interests , Monopoly, Stranglehold on the Courts Thank you for this article. We agree that the
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      Corporate "Interest", "Factions" of Special "Interests", Monopoly, Stranglehold on the Courts

      Thank you for this article.  We agree that the BAR associations and their agents are the perpetrators in real time "on the street" enforcing the agenda of the global controllers in every "branch" of government, every agency, every panel, board, corporation, school, every office in the world, there is an attorney or attorney advisor operating the agenda for the state/fed/global scheme. 
      We also agree that the way to stop it is to stop feeding it with our "business".   At this time in Oregon attorney firms are laying off  agents and some are closing down, we are glad to report.  The people are ONTO their schemes that it is nothing but exploitation to walk into their offices, vultures waiting for the next prey.  The People are leaning the differnce between "represented" and "sui juris" fully empowered freeborn sovereign and saying NO to the whole state/bar/fed/global slavery human management resource scheme.
      The latest focus we have seen the Bar associations adress is POLICE ATTORNEYS and CASEWORKER ATTORNEYS.  We heard them promoting this recently to law school graduates to consider for careers, how much they are needed, with the goal of officers on the street with legal knowledge who will write the fraud paperwork better with the "appearance of law" to further accomplish the OUTLAW CRIMINAL ACTS being committed openly against the people by the state, the "justice dept.,", and the Attorney Generals offices, DA's offices, ultimately operated by the police and sheriffs and caseworkers on the street, stealing and kidnapping peoples children more than 2000 a day in this country.  Also seizing homes and assets of the people, all they can vulturize and liquidate.  At the same meeting the BAR were talking about police and caseworker attorneys, they were promoting another federal funding stream focus on ASSET FORFEITURE.  We asked "why would state caseworkers in the dept. of human resources for the elderly need to know legal maneuvers like asset forfeiture?????"  Obviously and true, becuase their agents are stealing rampantly along with the federal "Fannie Mae", "HUD", "Freddie Mac", "Household International" on and on FRAUD being used to rip everything from vulnerable   people.
      The BAR write the rules in their quasi-judicial  Mad Hatter Tea Party "Board of Governors".  Those rules then are approved by the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court and the court.  Then those "new rules" are marched over to the BAR members in a second branch at the legislature who then with the BAR members downstairs called "legislative legal counsel" and they all write the "new rules" into bills to "appear as law".  Then those are passed with as little attention and as much silence and deception as the lobbyists and corporate whores in the legislature can generate.   THE WE HAVE 'NEW LAWS'...... then these UNCONSTITUTIONAL schemes are upheld in the courtrooms, enforced on the people even though there is no authority AT ALL for the state to enforce ANY of it.... not the licensing schemes, not the opressive travelling and tax structures, NONE of it is enforceable under the LAW. 
      They have re-written the "rule of law" to allow themselves to violate the public trust without appearing to break the law.  The LIE is the standard now (DR-102) for all agents of the state in the courtroom.  In Oregon some judges do not even do the "I  swear under penalty of perjury to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth"...... now they say "do you promise to tell the truth?" and that is all.....UNREAL how bad it has decayed from fraud to a cesspool in the last two or three years as the BAR is agressively rewriting ALL the rules now in every agency and court against the people.....CHINA courts and worse are here NOW..... This is what Ashcroft and Carson here are saying is constitutional......  they are criminally insane and need to be arrested by the People NOW. 
      What they are doing is TREASON and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is the HEAD of the TREASON both  state and federal becuase of his pivotal position as the catalyst in the middlle of their machine.  Chief Justice Wallace Carson has been fully involved in our own case here in Oregon since l997, personally assigning more than thirty out of county judges, manipulating hearings, having us attacked as well as released for seven years now blatanlty committing fed/state collusion in front of many courtwatchers.  Current Governor Ted Kulongoski also was a Supreme Court judge and is fully knowing of the credible evidence and jury verdict of racketeering and conspiracy yet is committing treason, misprision of felony, violation of the public trust at this moment KNOWINGLY operating this fraud agenda.
      The BAR members get PERS, the judges, the legislators ( a few reportedly have gotten out  it is so blatantly exploitive of the people)..... but most are still in it.  ALL the cuts, the taxes, the increased fines, etc are GOINGTO THE PERS BLACK HOLE.....  this is the money priests continuing to plunder and convert theirs and their committments to the stock market, we are paying their losses in the gambling arena when it all got exposed starting in 2000 here in the Courts. 
      Many articles can be written about the many parts  to this whole sytemic FRAUD this huge network of agents are involved in.  ALL FOR THE MONEY ONLY.  They give themselves titles and heirarchies and vote for each other who is the most "impeccable" as one of the vipers said at a big meeting a few years ago.   We were  part of an overflow crowd of people meeting to file complaints to a panel oof BAR members at their headquarters in Lake Oswego in March 2000.  After three hours of horrific complaints of lost fortunes, deaths and suicides over attorney theft, story after story, young and old alike testifying.  A man stood and asked "how many of you are BAR members" - all ten or so hands shot up on the panel.  Then he asked "CAN YOU TELL ME HOW YOU CAN BE BAR MEMBERS AND NOT HAVE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST TO BE SITTING THERE AS THE ONES TO HEAR THESE COMPLAINTS AGAINST BAR MEMBERS ATTORNEYS AND JUDGES?
      The president of the BAR spoke and said "there is no conflict of interest that we are all bar members on this board who is hearing complaints against the BAR from the people.  Adjusting his tie, he said "WE ALL HAVE IMPECCABLE REPUTATIONS and act wihout bias, also we have no real power to do anything on this panel to address these complaints but will be looking into these as a panel.......blah blah blah.....on and on....."
      the whole crowd groaned hearing these words....
      The BAR associations are the stranglehold on the courts.  In the sixties here in Oregon they passed another of their own "laws" that ONLY Bar members could "represent" anyone in a courtroom.  No more "counsel of your own choice" or "justice without purchase" as the constitution mandates.   The courts are the conduit where the truth comes out in a society.  Corporate "Interests" are all that have  rights in this quasi judicial administrative system in place at this time. 
      The only thing that motivates the human manager BAR members is FINANCIAL..... beyond obscene amounts of revenue diversion, then POWER is their motivation.  TAKE AWAY THE MONEY AND TAKE AWAY THE FEAR AND THEY GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO EXPLOIT AND PLUNDER.
      BOYCOTT THE BAR.  The people stop this control by going into court Sui Juris and not in any represented status anymore.  LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "PRO SE" AND "SUI JURIS"..... BETWEEN "REPRESENTED STATUS" AND "INHERENT RIGHTS", FULLY EMPOWERED HUMAN.  We are the sovereign authority and no representative can make a claim for another human.  Excercising Inherent Rights for ourselves, we stop thinking we "need" an attorney when confronted with legal or court situations..... we all start being accountable to ONE higher authority ONLY, our Creator, from whom Inherent Rights are inherited. 
      Our rights do NOT come from a legislature and it is unconstitutional for a state to take a RIGHT and turn it into a PRIVELEGE and attach fees, taxes or fines to the excercise of it.  THAT is the BOTTOM LINE, and everything that has been created since are unconstitutional BILLS OF ATTAINDER that restrict the Sovereign Excercising those INHERENT RIGHTS IN ANY WAY.
      The money  priests have always been the same, of the same spirit, their father a liar and the father of lies..... it is all about the DECEPTION - INCREDIBLIE, DEEP, GENERATIONAL that the people are seeing cracks in now..... the lies of our fathers, but also the visions of those who cared about posterity - US NOW  who are alive - and whether we carry the same accountability now to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW THAT WE SEE IT OR ARE WE GOING TO LOSE IT ALL FOR OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN....  THIS IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE EXCERCISING AUTHORITY OVER BONDED PUBLIC SERVANTS IN OFFICES OF PUBLIC TRUST
      pamela gaston
      From: David Donley <davedonley@...>
      Our founding fathers warned the hardest thing to protect the REPUBLIC against is the power of FACTION. 
      We were warned the price of liberty is eternal vigilance and not to allow any one FACTION to get it's members into power in sufficient numbers that they could enact legislation to the benefit of their FACTION at the expense of the Republic as a whole.
      Allow engineers to dominate every branch of government and they will create a society that benefits their group over any other. The legal Fraternity understands the power of FACTION better than the rest of us for they have consistently, over the years, sponsored and supported their fraternal brothers and sisters campaigns for public office ( state bar journals will support this assertion).  Lawyers dominate every branch of government and avenue of redress is it really any wonder they have all the immunities, protections, and privileges they enjoy (not to mention access to the state and federal coffers and piles of legislation intended to create litigation)? So many people are being adversely affected by our legal system "legal abuse" is a common term now. Help support a NATIONAL BOYCOTT OF LAWYERS IN PUBLIC OFFICE- get that 60% that gave up on voting to VOTE for ANYONE BUT A LAWYER and we could effect change in a few elections. 
      One thing you gotta hand to the crooked judges and lawyers they stick together through thick and thin forgiving the most egregious conduct for their brethren (suborned perjury, embezzlements, theft, forgery, abuses of process, power, discretion,...,) while dividing, polarizing and conquering the rest of us who remain divided over our petty differences.  I have worked with and consider a few lawyers my friends even they agree we need more non-lawyer involvement in government. The present system of peer review is an abused privilege that protects the imgae of the profession not the public.

      It is not that all lawyers are bad just that the saying 99% make the rest look bad is all too true.  In defense of the devil it is only human nature that people of a common interest will look out for their interests first and foremost, over others.  Allow Doctors to dominate government and no doubt they would develop a society that bleeds the rest of the populace to enrich themselves just as the lawyers have done.   You both profess to be Christians yet you overlookyour saviors admonishments of lawyers in Luke chapter 11 verses 46 on.  Do you not know it was the lawyers of the day the jewish Sanhedrin employed to attempt to ensnare Christ?  Nothing has changed to this day lawyers (no not all, but generally) still impose burdens grievous to be born and lift not one little finger to lighten the load.  They impose the doctrines of men over the commandments of GOD, the herd allows it and we call ourselves a christian nation!,?  As Christians we are exhorted to "Beware the wayward doctrines of men", I wonder if that is why our superior judges want to take GOD out of everything from prayer in the classroom to nativity scenes in public?

      The American Bar Association knows the power of BOYCOTT better than we the people do as they put an injunction on anyone that trys to publish the STOP VOTING FOR LAWYERS IN PUBLIC OFFICE message. Too bad we chicken littles don't, here in the land of the free and home of the brave where our founding fathers intended to protect free speech with the first amendment. 

      If enough lawyers were voted out of office because of a NATIONAL BOYCOTT of the self serving fraternity it would rock their world and give them the incentive they need to start cleaning house.  What say ye, yea or nay?


      Dave Donley (Thrice tried Thrice exonnerated and now my children are persecuted for their fathers' political beliefs, I love my country but have contempt
      for the thugs that run it!!!)

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    • scott
      It only takes two people to accuse another of Treason in this County, the problem isn t the fact is true or you couldn t find another person to join you, the
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        It only takes two people to accuse another of Treason in this County, the problem isn't the fact is true or you couldn't find another person to join you, the problem is the cost in legal fee's to get it prosecuted and who will uphold the law?
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