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Fw: [euro-dads&mums] Re: [fnf-chat] Scotland versus England

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  • dave.mortimer
    Didn t expect much more Shaun. I fact got more than I thought. When the RCJ totally ignored the Thai courts ruling when the Ex never even bothered to turn up
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2003
      Didn't expect much more Shaun.
      I fact got more than I thought.
      When the RCJ totally ignored the Thai courts ruling when the Ex never even
      bothered to turn up for the hearing in Thailand because she abducted my
      daughter to the UK.

      Then the UK RCJ take it up on perjured evidence and award residence to the
      Ex totally ignoring the Thai proceedings.
      The UK Courts state that before you can use ECHR you must exhaust all local
      So why did the UK courts take this up (albeit on perjured statements of Ex
      and solicitors) with out exhausting Thai proceedings???
      It seems strange that they seem to turn a blind eye to this when its not in
      the English courts favour.

      Paul W Thailand.

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      The hearing on Friday was a farce. Quite clearly the
      Enlgish courts are not willing to address matters
      regarding a child illegally abducted from Scotland three
      years ago and given a residence order ex-parte without

      The draft judgement was given to both parties before the
      hearing to read. Sumner did his usual lizard tongue
      actions and words and refused to address the basis of the
      aplication in law.

      The only order requested was for removal of all the
      English orders, case and child transferred to Scotland.
      Sumner only wanted to talk about contact and not the

      He was furious and remarked that the courts are bending
      over backwards to give him contact, and he throws it in my
      face. He wanst to refer to the case though not the father
      by name.

      He was so angry that he called the father audacious and
      now the father is going straight to the court of appeal as
      an emergency application had already been lodged in ECHR.

      When the appeal comes through as many fathers as possible
      are needed as this is a clear case of wrong-doing by the
      courts who say there was a 'small' error!


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