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Fw: [ed44] I bleieve this is important and fundamental - Re: Acting As Private Attorney General

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  • Ed
    YOU are a private prosecutor / private attorney general whether you know it or not. ... From: Ed Subject: [ed44] I bleieve this is important and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2003
      YOU are a 'private prosecutor' / 'private attorney general' whether you know it or not.
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      From: Ed
      Subject: [ed44] I bleieve this is important and fundamental - Re: Acting As Private Attorney General

      Let me put it this way. IF your civil complaint has a parallel criminal statute, and IF during the civil proceedings it is proven that the defendants (who may happen to have committed their crimes while clothed with a 'title') have violated criminal statutes, then other public servants have a duty to arrest that human person. Their "title" is NOT an exemption from the law.
      It all goes back to "equal protection of the law". We have as much RIGHT, in fact a greater Right, to be protected from those to whom we have delegated responsibility (consent of the governed) to govern because their duties are LIMITED.
      So - your civil action, (Petition, Complaint, whatever) is the same as an information & sworn affidavit (criminal complaint) and the finding of the Petite Jury becomes the same thing as an Indictment by a Grand Jury.
      Attorneys employed in government know this and so do the Judges. That is why they try so hard to avoid allowing you, me, the rest of us, from proceeding and succeeding in Title 42, a RICO, abuse of process, etc. actions. You see - These all have parallel criminal statutes. So - If you win you can, and should, DEMAND the defendants now be taken into custody and prosecuted for their CRIMINAL acts. They have no defense. They have taken an Oath and they are expected to know the limits of their authority. The case has already been proven.
      Krazy is correct about the intensity of the opposition that will be encountered. They will try to label you a "paper terrorist", paint you as a "patriot nut", etc. to destroy your credibility, and may try to find some excuse to jail you, in a blatant act of "Obstruction of Justice" (also actionable by you as another civil and criminal violation of law) to keep you from holding them accountable to the law with Equal Justice Under the Law.
      This is why JAlanDaum advises you to send, frequently, certified mail to the FBI and Dept. of Justice as you proceed in your action. You are a Private Prosecutor, and/or Private Attorney General, when bringing action against them under these CIVIL statutes that have parallel criminal statutes - whether you apply the label to yourself or not!!
      So Krazy's admonishment is correct. Think it over very carefully and proceed cautiously. BUT DO IT ANYWAY. We MUST do it. We MUST hold them accountable to the law, one public servant at a time, before it becomes impossible to do so. We must be more arrogant about our Rights, our liberties, as they are about their titles. WE ARE EQUAL.
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      Subject: Re: [ed44] Re: Acting As Private Attorney General

      Krazy Man,
          It is too bad too.  I can't remain quiet when people say categorically that we can bring a "private criminal prosecution," because I know that it can't be done, especially since it was that way before this new Krazy government has *deemed* so many things to be potential "terrorism."  It seems to me to be Krazy to risk a charge of terrorism and/or risk a malicious prosecution claim, when private criminal prosecutions have long been prohibited.
      Dan Q
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      From: John Doe
      Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2003 8:29 PM
      Subject: Re: [ed44] Re: Acting As Private Attorney General
      krazy response:      Thank you Daniel.... I agree!   The rules have changed recently and people who file the so-called 'criminal RICO' filings in a court are going to find themselves landed in jail for terrorism!   So if any of you are thinking about doing this you better think it over very carefully.... in my opinion, you are going to get yourself in serious trouble.
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