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      << Billy-Joe
      How would the below relate in comparison to a social worker
      searching ones home without a search and
      seizure warrant, or without a judge's order,and without
      a police officer with them? Can you or anyone else direct
      me to any information, cases etc that would cover them.
      Are social workers at a higher power than police officers,
      I need this info for other people who are in this situation!

      IN REF:
      "Billy-Joe..Mauldin" <wildbill2@...>

      This is the BEST advice I have seen in a long time!!


      By Carl F. Worden
      I have debated writing this article for months.
      I am a strong supporter of law enforcement, and I have
      an extensive background in law enforcement. Even now,
      I have a number of conflicts which cause me great
      concern with how the information I am about to impart
      to you will be used. I do not want to enable the
      criminals in our society to thwart justice, but I am
      committed to protecting the innocent from what appears
      to be an explosion of police abuse. In a case like
      this, I choose to protect the citizens.

      I will start with law enforcement contacts with regard
      to traffic stops for suspicion of driving under the
      influence of alcohol or drugs.

      The Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights states that
      we are not to be forced to incriminate ourselves. Th

      Bring charges/lawsuit against them for failure to comply with the
      Constitution/Civvil rights violation
      Make it for several Milion $
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