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Tyranny in our Justice System

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  • Tim Grills
    Tyranny in our Justice System No need for a time machine folks, no longer do we need to visit places like Boston or Philadelphia to get a sense of what our
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 30, 2003
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      Tyranny in our Justice System


      No need for a time machine folks, no longer do we
      need to visit places like  Boston or Philadelphia
      to get a sense of what our Founders were faced
      with in  the 18th century, forget about the
      Library or the Internet, all you need to  do is
      visit your nearest courtroom! If you want a really
      good history lesson  read below to find out what
      happened to Dr. Steve Roebuck in an Federal
      District Courtroom located in Elizabeth City,
      North Carolina.  Its time that we either abolish
      the form of Government we have or suffer the
      Consequences. What happened to Dr. Roebuck could
      happen to any one of us.  The type of behavior
      exhibited by Judge Terrance Boyle is exactly what
      led this  nation to war and this too is a call to
      action! There are many other  atrocities being
      inflicted on the people of this great nation by
      every branch of  Government, the very people who
      are supposed to control government are being
      controlled. At some point in time the line must be
      drawn in the sand. I say  enough is enough, the
      line must be drawn here! Our goal is to add new
      words to  the government's vocabulary like
      accountability , personal responsibility and
      consequences. They must fear us once again or
      there will be no stopping them.  There is a second
      front to the war on terrorism and it starts right
      here in  America. Our Judicial System must be
      restored to the fair and unbiased system  it once


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      Dr. Roebucks Courtroom experience  Dr. Steve
      Roebuck, a brave an honest man, has taken a stand
      for his children  as well as each and every one of
      us.  Agents wearing bulletproof vests and side
      arms picked him up recently while  working at his
      dental office. He is being held in downtown
      Raleigh (Dr. Steve  Roebuck, P.O. Box 2419,
      Raleigh NC 27602) Wake County Jail without bail
      for  willful failure to file an income tax return
      and is unfit to walk the streets  of town,
      according to Judge Terrance Boyle.  Dr. Roebuck
      has lived in Raleigh for about 20 years and has
      never been in or  caused any trouble. He has a
      successful dentistry business, having helped
      thousands of patients, and is well-known
      throughout the community and by his  friends as a
      Christian man. Never in a million years would
      anyone that knows  him suggest that he is a threat
      to society and ask that he be incarcerated!
      Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened,
      based solely on the decision of  Judge Terrence
      Boyle and attorney Rob Aldrich's decision to serve
      his own best  interest instead of his clients!  As
      an Independent thinker, Steve Roebuck took his
      questions about the income  tax and its legality
      to the local law libraries. For the last 8 years,
      he  has diligently researched the law that makes
      him liable to pay the voluntary  income tax. As
      with anyone else that has done any serious
      research into the  matter, Dr. Roebuck could find
      no such law.  Dr. Roebuck was indicted on two
      counts of willful failure to file and hired
      attorneys Sam Currin and lead attorney Rob
      Aldrich. Prior to the case, both  attorneys seemed
      to be more worried about not upsetting the judge
      than they  were about defending their client.  Dr.
      Roebuck appeared in court on the morning of
      September 4th 2001 and  entered a plea of not
      guilty. Judge Boyle let the prosecuting attorney
      speak, but  when it came to the defense, it was
      another story. When the defense attorney  spoke,
      Judge Boyle interrupted him three times in a
      confrontational manner  distracting the defense
      attorney's train of thought. The defense attorney,
       tired of the distractions, closed his opening
      statements, not wanting to deal  with it anymore.
      On September 5th, after a short recess, Rob
      aldrich was informed that the  Judge was back and
      asked Dr. Roebuck to return to the courtroom. When
      they  arrived they were shocked to find only U.S.
      Marshals Strategically placed at each  entrance
      along with a Special agent and the Prosecuting
      Attorney. What  followed next, and in secret,
      should outrage anyone who believes in due process
      of  law.  For the next few minutes, Dr. Roebuck
      stood there in utter disbelief as the  judge
      started to accuse him of being a member of "a
      white supremacist group  and a threat to society".
      Judge Boyle left him with only two decisions,
      plead  guilty or be placed in jail immediately!
      One of his attorneys, Rob Aldrich,  didn't help
      the matter either. After being threatened with the
      possibility of  being disbarred, Attorney Rob
      Aldrich decided it was in his best interest to
      advise his client to plead guilty. Conveniently,
      Sam Curran couldn't remember  anything that took
      place in the courtroom on Sept 5th. Rob Aldrich
      refused  to fill out an affidavit desribing the
      events that took place, he was still  concerned
      about upsetting the Judge and informed Dr Roebuck
      that it would not  do him any good!  President
      George W. Bush nominated the (dishonorable)
      Terrence W. Boyle to  the U.S. Court of appeals
      for the Fourth Circuit on May 9, 2001. Boyle has
      been a U.S. District Judge for the Eastern
      District of North Carolina since  1984. He is
      currently the Chief Judge on that Court. Judge
      Boyle has a  disgracefull history of implementing
      a "draconian" rule of law on American Citizens. He
       cannot be trusted and should not continue in a
      position that requires trust!  This is a call to
      action against the tyranny that so frequently
      enters the  courtroom like the one above. Judges
      like Terrance Boyle need to be held  accountable
      for their actions or this type of behavior will
      continue. With your  help, this judge can be
      stopped in his tracks and his career tarnished,
      sending  a message to other judges all across the
      nation. The message is this:  American Citizens
      will no longer tolerate this type of behavior and
      we demand a  fair and unbiased trial as our
      Founding Fathers intended, not on the will of one
      man alone and in secret!  I encourage everyone who
      reads this and believes Dr. Roebuck has become a
      victim of an unfair and corrupt judge to make it
      known to others. We really  need for people to
      immediately contact their Senators and
      Representatives and  make them aware of this
      situation. It will also help if the media is able
      to  get involved with this too! The more people
      that are aware of Dr. Roebucks  situation, the
      better chance he has of getting a fair RETRIAL.
      Nothing I can write will help you to understand
      the atrocities that took  place on September 5th
      2001 in Raleigh. A more detailed explanation of
      those  events can be found in Dr. Roebucks Writ of
      Habeas Corpus
      Mike Scherback
      Restoration Project


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