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corrections Re: What is a "Civil" matter? the LAW is our King - Any objections?

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      A little correction for clarification:
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      From: Ed
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      Subject: [tips_and_tricks] What is a "Civil" matter? the LAW is our King - Any objections?

      Do not take offense but I must dispute your assertions in the hope you will elaborate on the distinction between a "Court of Law" and a "Court of Equity".
      It is my understanding that we [America] established a "Nation under the Rule of Law". The only place for "equity" is in that all individual human persons are "Equal" [subjects] under the Law. To free ourselves from arbitrary and capricious subjugation (a form of enslavement) under a King and his Noble ruling class where all were "Subjects of the King" we chose to be "Subjects of the Law", beginning with the Constitution and Acts of Congress (to the extent consistent with the limitations of the Constitution), the law is "the King" or "collective soveriegn". It is by this means we secure the "individual soveriegnty", as the ultimate and only true soveriegnty, that the Constitution is designed (however flawed) to protect. I will admit that amendments are needed because the current model is, at present, failing but the concept of "Americanism" remains valid.
      Americanism is "equitable" as the Law is blind to all that may prejudice any other or collective of others against us. That said - I do believe you are correct in that "civil matters" are not matters where a person may be subject to arrest. But I define "civil matters" as disputes between private parties or between and individual and an artificial entity - artificial entities include government. However; penal codes are distinct from civil or should be. These are "administrative" matters providing the administrator is acting within their lawful jurisdiction of LIMITED authority delegated by the Constitution.
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      Subject: [tips_and_tricks] Arresting "Dead-Beat" Dads: How Can There Be an Arrest in a Civil Matter without a Crime and Without Probably Cause?

      No civil matter can include arrest!!  All traffic tickets are CIVIL!!  Civil
      matters CAN NOT be heard in a Court of Law but ONLY in a court of Equity.  A
      good question to ask any pretender judge is:  "Is this a court of Law or a
      court of Equity?"  If he say that it is a court of law then ask how can he
      hear a civil matter?  They are not allowed to tell you that in 1933 the
      venue's were combined and renamed "Statutory Jurisdiction" a Roman style
      version of Admiralty Law!!


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