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Shootings were like a horror film

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  • Billy-Joe..Mauldin
    Every man is charged by God to provide for his family (1 Timothy 5:8) and any man who fails to do this is worse than an infidel Again I ask, Laws of God or
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      Every man is charged by God to provide for his family (1 Timothy 5:8) and any man who fails to do this is "worse than an infidel"
      Again I ask, Laws of God or man??


      Are you a vegetable or are you a human being?



      Two strange men break into your home, your personal space and sanctuary... in the dark of night. You tremble in fear. Your heart pounds wildly. You are shocked that anyone would have the incredible arrogance and maliciousness to just break in and brashly stride across your floors.

      You have no idea what they might do, even if they told you that they were only there rob you. They are totally unpredictable as if they were wild rabid animals as far as you are concerned.

      Then they shine a light in your face as a horrible vision of your own imminent and violent death races through your mind. You feel as though you might explode with sheer terror!

      Now. What are you supposed to do?

      Cringe? Lunge like an idiot for the phone? Pull the covers up over your head? Jump out the window to your death? Scream for help? Get on your knees, cry and beg for mercy? Promise them you'll do anything. "ANYTHING!" ?  Stand there like a vegetable and say "Hi! Here I am!  Look at me! I'm a juicy tomato! Cut me! Watch me bleed! Slice me, dice me!  Put me in a stew! I don't care..."

      So come on. What the hell was this man, Tony Martin,  to do other than what he did? Especially after he pleaded with police several times to actually do their job. And though nobody in their right mind relishes the idea of killing another human being, I ask you dear citizen...what would you do?

      And I ask you further, does gun control keep us safe? If we let the government take all guns from lawful citizens against common sense and all moral rights to self-defense, which is their admitted plan, then who will have the guns?

      A. Any criminal who wants one bad enough


      B. Any government thug who wants to break your door down and arrest you without a warrant in a climate of tyranny and government run amuck.

      I happen to come from a family that has had little or nothing to do with guns, and though there was always a right and a reason to own guns, many people didn't feel the need to own one, which was and is also their right.

      But now, with crime out of control, with brazen criminals running around doing whatever they want and with a criminal government that has shredded your constitutional rights - permanently - and says it now has the right to arrest you, try you and execute you in secret for no reason other than that they deem fit to do so, does any sort of gun control make sense to you? And will you accept it?

      Are you a vegetable or are you a human being with inalienable rights including the right to preserve your own life?

      If you have even a shred of common sense, you will vigorously oppose all gun legislation and further, you will expose the real agenda behind same.

      It's Liberty or Nothing! There is no compromising with tyranny! Give them an inch of your liberty and they will try to take it all, including your very life itself. History teaches us this lesson. Let's learn it and teach it to others.


      Paul Walker



      Shootings were like a horror film
      By David Sapsted and Graham Tibbetts
      (Filed: 30/07/2003)

      Tony Martin described last night how his heart raced and he felt "his body was about to explode" the moment before he shot dead a burglar and wounded another.

      The 58-year-old farmer, who says he has been "misunderstood", recalled the fateful shots that killed Fred Barras, 16, and injured his accomplice, Brendon Fearon, after serving two thirds of a five-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

      Norfolk police continue their 24-hour vigil at Bleak Farm

      Mr Martin, who had endured numerous break-ins at his home at Bleak House, Emneth Hungate in Norfolk, said he heard the two intruders and reached for his shotgun.

      "I went over to the chair and got a handful of cartridges and loaded the gun. By this time I could feel my heart going boom, boom, boom," he told the Daily Mirror.

      "My heart was racing. It was as though my whole body was about to explode - it was like a horror film."

      At this point Barras and his accomplice, Fearon, shone a torch in his eyes and he began shooting, said Mr Martin.

      "My finger was on the trigger and I fired. I was aware I had shot the gun. At the time I had no idea I had fired more than once."

      Mr Martin, who regained his freedom on Monday after his release from Highpoint prison in Suffolk, said he regretted the death of Barras in August 1999 but had no feelings of remorse.

      "I don't feel anything about anyone or anything," he said. "That might make me sound like a cold and callous man but I can't help that. I was forced to do what I did because of the circumstances of that night."

      He believed the public had failed to appreciate the difficulty of his circumstances in rural Norfolk, where police were unable to prevent repeated break-ins.

      "I can't believe how misunderstood I have been," he said. "I have a lot of supporters but there are a lot of people out there who think I am a madman who is only too happy to kill."

      Mr Martin insisted he had no intention of killing Barras. "I did kill, but I certainly wasn't happy to do so. I was devastated when I discovered I had killed a boy.

      "All I can say is that I didn't mean to do it. I didn't even know I had done it until much later." He added: "Nobody has the right to kill - even to suggest they have is crass and deplorable."

      Mr Martin said he warned the police in May 1999 that if burglars broke in again, he would take drastic action. "After the second break-in, I rang the police and said, 'If they come back, I'll shoot them'. The reason I said this - and it was a dangerous thing to say - was because I hoped it would make them protect me; provoke a response, spur them on to do something."

      Malcolm Starr, who led the campaign for Mr Martin's freedom, said the farmer was insisting on returning home.

      "I spoke to him by telephone late last night," said Mr Starr. "He was in a very good mood. He was mainly concerned about seeing his dog and getting back to his farm."

      Police were continuing to maintain a high profile presence outside Mr Martin's farm. "He finds it all very amusing and ironic," said Mr Starr. "He said to me, 'It seems I have got my own police force now.' "

      Mr Martin had earlier described the move as "shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted".

      Norfolk police defended their decision to site a mobile police station at the entrance to the remote farmhouse. Reports have been continuing to circulate that a £25,000 bounty has been put on Martin's head in revenge for his killing of Barras.

      "We are making a proportionate response to the situation we are faced with. Given the situation and the report of threats against Mr Martin, it would be irresponsible if we did not do that," said a police spokesman.

      29 July 2003: Martin is free, but still he can't go home
      29 July 2003: Tabloid deal faces inquiry by press watchdog
      28 July 2003: Burglar shot by Martin to drop £15,000 claim
      27 July 2003: Tony Martin is 'going to get it', warns cousin of the boy he shot
      24 July 2003: Tony Martin 'to write book called My Right To Kill'
      6 July 2003: Tony Martin to get royal protection on leaving prison
      23 August 1999: Farmer held after man is shot dead




      Government lawyers say burglars 'need protection'



      Government lawyers trying to keep the Norfolk farmer Tony Martin behind bars will tell a High Court judge tomorrow that burglars are members of the public who must be protected from violent householders.


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