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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Traffic Court & Outcome

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  • originalfrogfrmr
    ... In California, a continuance grants jurisdiction. They spent a lot of effort trying to get me to ask for one. For this reason, I try to be ready for a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 7, 2013
      > I showed the Clerk the paper that was the Continuance and pointed out the
      > fact that no prosecutor was listed, but the Judge was and so was the State
      > Policeman. 

      In California, a continuance grants jurisdiction. They spent a lot of
      effort trying to get me to ask for one. For this reason, I try to be
      ready for a case all the time. I'm like a beartrap set to spring! They
      knew this a long time ago so I think it has something to do with me being
      left alone for a long time now.

      > In preparing for the case I discovered that the police are authorized by
      > state statute to prosecute all cases in the magistrates court, but if
      > appealed, then the local prosecutor takes the case.

      It is good not to waste time if you know you're going to demand all rights
      at all times never waiving any one for any cause or reason and just tell
      them up front you demand a real court of record and a real judge and jury,
      and that you will derive great entertainment from watching and waiting to
      see which of the minions are merely going through the motions to receive a
      paycheck of irredeemable created credit and which if any are capable of
      articulating facts and law.

      > BTW, New Mexico statutes requiring a driver's license specifically mention
      > only residents of New Mexico. I accused the state police officer of
      > violating his oath of office by charging me under the state statue when
      > there was ample evidence that I was not a New Mexico resident. He showed
      > up to court with his immediate supervisor. Pre-trial with both the officer
      > and his supervisor was very interesting.

      Hey, group encounters are almost always fun! I make it a point of every
      confrontation to involve superiors, giving myself silent FrogPoints for
      every level I can involve. Three is an easy minimum. Heck, today three
      might be there right from the beginning. So, I try to identify them for
      proper scoring.

      It is my conclusion after reading California's Constitution(s) and codes
      that there are so many contradictions and inconsistencies that anyone who
      gets convicted and punished here in California does so with their own
      cooperation after numerous waivers of rights. Some claim to awaken in the
      nightmare and fail to realize the repercussions of their previously made
      waivers. This is why I appear at the Initial Moment Of Confrontation
      (IMOC)as the belligerent claimant in person where my rights are involved,
      and obstinately refuse to waive them as long as I am aware of them. The
      longer one studies the more aware one becomes. A tragedy is that few
      people fined and incarcerated took the time to read the few pages of law
      that explained what was necessary to get them into that condition.

      Their homework assignment: Take the penal code, and a pen and paper, and
      list requirements that must be fulfilled in a legitimate CASE to convict
      someone. Try for 100 steps. See how many you can identify. Think of
      ways to make fulfilling them difficult. It really isn't that hard.



      P.S. One problem people have is giving authority figures too much
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