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Re: [tips_and_tricks] 14th Amendment Not Confined To The Protection Of Citizens

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    *HOWEVER, the Yick Wo case is not the only one in which the court has ruled about the applicability and meaning of the 14th Amendment. Check these: ** This
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 15, 2013
      HOWEVER, the Yick Wo case is not the only one in which the court has ruled about the applicability and meaning of the 14th Amendment.

      Check these:

      "This court declared in the Slaughter-House cases that the Fourteenth Amendment as well as the Thirteenth and Fifteenth were adopted to protect the Negroes in their freedom." Madden v. Kentucky 309 US 83 (1940).

      "The rights of Citizens of the State, as such, are not under consideration in the Fourteenth Amendment. They stand as they did before the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, and are fully guaranteed by other provisions."
      United States v. Anthony: 24 Fed. Cas. 829, 830 (Case No. 14,459) [1873].

      "The privileges and immunities clause of the 14th Amendment protects very few rights because it neither incorporates any of the Bill of Rights nor protects all rights of individual citizens. See Slaughter-House Cases, 83
      U.S. (16 Wall.) 36, 21 L.Ed. 394 (1873). Instead, this provision protects only those rights peculiar to being a citizen of the federal government; it does not protect those rights which relate to state citizenship. Jones v. Temmer, 829 F.Supp. 1226 (1993).


      On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 6:27 PM, Legalbear <bear@...> wrote:

      “The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution is Not Confined To The Protection Of Citizens. It says: "Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." These provisions are universal in their application, to all persons within the territorial jurisdiction, without regard to any differences of race, of color, or of nationality; and the equal protection of the laws is a pledge of the protection of equal laws.” Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 US 356, 369 (1886).



    • hobot
      *The terms used in these revealing cases can betaken by Roman Civil-Admiraltyprocess courts to mean more than and less than they did when the cases were ruled
      Message 2 of 3 , May 1, 2013
        The terms used in these revealing cases can be taken
        by Roman Civil-Admiralty process courts to mean more
        than and less than they did when the cases were ruled on.
        Term United States originally referred to the several states
        united the Federal not US Govt Inc. as it does after 1870's.
        Saving to Suitor clause allowed states to take on Admiralty
        type jurisdiction but disguised in civil process.  This
        is called Statutory Jurisdiction or Statutory Criminal nature.

        If you look up the presumptions required under Roman
        Civil process you will see why we are at a disadvantage
        so often in courts of no record fairness and remedy.

        Citizen of the United States before Lincoln's War
        meant only people who were Citizens of a union State not
        residents of a non state Federal property or jurisdiction.
        Do not confuse a Federal US Govt Inc STATE with a
        union state, as the Statutes, Codes and Regualtions
        are constured by BAR liars and 'courts' under Public Policy
        aka Natures Law = Law of Necessity = Law of Jungle.
        Any thing goes that you can get away with by fraud and
        or force.

        Citizens of the United States
        originally meant The Posterity
        referred to in founding documents aka, American State
        National/Citizen, which meant born as a Citizen of a State.

        After 1968 courts and Larry the Lawyer want us to think
        the terms Citizen of the United States is the same thing
        in law and legal code-statutes and treaties as
        the colored
        [under law] US citizen/PERSONS, in order to deny the
        standing and inherent rights of a man/woman born on
        the land of a county within a de jure union state. Merely
        the difference between the life style of a King vs his
        subjects or servants.

        The 14th, cut out any and all official recognition by
        the Federal US Govt Inc. of any of the original
        Posterity aka American Nationals, ie: State Citizens.
        The Radical Republicans did this by denying any
        Constitutional protections for any one not taking an
        oath of allegiance to the conquering Federal US
        Govt. Inc.  They this by labeling the original people
        as rebellious and criminal so not part of the Federal
        US Govt Inc.
        so could not have standing in courts,
        banking, to vote or hold public office.

        After Lincoln's War only the Executive branch was
        left intack so all the current apparent branches of Govt
        are under Executive control via Commando in Chief and
        his appointed Attorney General on down. Its most
        apparent in the various Administrative Agencies
        and Departments, such a Depart of Justice or

        There are provisions in Federal US Govt Inc. to
        allow non resident alien transient foreigners to
        bank w/o SSN or TIN's and hold licenses w/o
        SSN or TIN's and travel as tourists w/o a State
        issued Driver license.  Very simple to do with
        a W8BEN and proper location and non Govt ID.
        The traffic tribunal courts are a tough nut to get
        past the presumptions of being an enemy and
        already guilty and owing part of the National
        Debt to collect.

        2010 - Customs Department agent told me that my
        approved passport Nationality/Citizenship jurisdiction
        was not under the 14th amendment but they
        did not have process/procedure to issue
        a Certificate of Citizenship to a live man on the land,
        to clarify the ambiguity of the current one size fits all
        Blue Book passport.  

        Legal Bear posted the public record of court case
        that showed there is only one way to become a real
        US citizen, one Must Apply specially for this, then
        give oath to competent US authority, then have
        the oath and application accepted and recorded.
        Checking US citizen for contests and voter cards
        is not enough evidence to become a real US Citizen
        but they sure want ya to think and act like its so.
        What this means is unless you have moved here
        from overseas likely there is nothing to cancel
        or rescind to become one of The Posterity but
        just tell em so and get full proof record of it like me.

        Send me a 2 cent stamped letter if ya like here:
        Steven Otis,
        111 Main Square
        Kingston, Madison county, mail route 42
        Arkansas, United States of America.

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