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defy citation with administrative procedures act

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  • Troy Duwayne, Barclay
    Hobot,  Thanks! It sounds good and my best to you in your endeavors.   I just have an awfully hard time wrapping my mind around trusting this fairly new
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 11, 2013
      Thanks! It sounds
      good and my best to you in your endeavors.
      I just
      have an awfully hard time wrapping my mind around trusting this fairly new government created Administrative jurisdiction and expecting such administrative
      procedures act and its outcomes by said government's 4th branch invention to be honest,
      fair and unbiased towards anything of its creation and governance.
      I was
      born in Texas and live in Texas and I want to maintain a "lawful"
      status in law which I consider to be different than just "legal". I
      think that an offence is really needed, as a lot of time is spent on defense
      and trying to keep this phantom law rules system at bay and off one's back. Thanks again for your clarification. Please
      excuse and forgive my assumptions?
    • originalfrogfrmr
      ... I appreciate that! I sure don t have all the answers either. You might have noticed I stick to a few topics. It s mainly because they re all I personally
      Message 2 of 11 , Apr 11, 2013
        > I say:  I am not trying to find fault, just attempting
        > to give a little support. I am speaking from my past
        > experiences chasing the phantom called administrative law.
        > And, for sure, I for one do not have all the answers.

        I appreciate that! I sure don't have all the answers either. You might
        have noticed I stick to a few topics. It's mainly because they're all I
        personally need to wend my way down life's path so far. I like
        specialized tools for the job. I like the way a good tool makes a job
        faster and easier so I collect information as tools just like hand tools.

        > You said: I always heard and believed (due
        > to the results) that one starts with an
        > administrative hearing because of the need to
        > exhaust administrative
        > remedies and because that is when and how you
        > prove you are a natural man
        > and not a corporation. I had also heard that
        > when one goes into court as
        > defendant, it is assumed that one lost at the
        > administrative level and is
        > appealing that decision.
        > I say: If
        > I had followed administrative law rules of court, I would have
        > been jailed for longer than 20 days. If you have any ties to
        > their system, like Ashwander Doctrine rules # 6 your status
        > defeats you in any court setting.

        For those still unfamiliar, #6 is:

        6.The Court will not pass upon the constitutionality of a statute at the
        instance of one who has availed himself of its benefits.

        FF sez: If I pee on your leg, have you availed yourself of the benefit of
        my specially formulated moisture enhancement??

        I like how you made a choice between following administrative rules and
        not following them. It shows you are thinking for yourself. I too have
        always heard, "rules are made to be broken". I like that you have a way
        to insert a first step in front of the one they assume you'd take.

        We (our local trouble-makers) took note of #6 when we went through George
        Gordon's course. It's one that makes one think and make life changing
        adjustments to how one thinks and speaks and acts. It separates you from
        the herd. And from the lemmings. Makes you wary of "benefits".

        Somewhere on this list I told the story of my administrative hearing at
        the DMV which was fun and very instructive in my quest for understanding
        this weird world I'm in. It's funny how when you get into this stuff, you
        encounter things that you have a hard time believing. Right now, I don't
        think ANYONE is doing the job they were hired to do, ANYWHERE!! But back
        then, I was more naive than I am now. I still thought I'd reach the
        people in charge who could reason and act appropriately.

        Today, my step one is to let the subject incriminate themselves out of
        their own mouths and then by my own decree disqualify them from making any
        official determinations or taking any official actions, leaving what they
        were attempting to accomplish with me to their superiors who, if I get
        within range, get a report on their demonstrated inadequacies and a
        warning notice from me that I may proceed in that direction with
        additional contestants if further stimulated. I prefer disengagement with
        no diminishment of my own rights. I understand that they may know no
        better way to live and may have to follow orders and struggle for their

        Reminds me of an old TV show I saw when I was a kid:
        Ramar of the Jungle to his side-kick Howard as he blasts a spear-chucker
        with his elephant gun: "The poor devils..."

        > For 20 days in Dec. 1991, the IRS tried their best to get me
        > back in their system
        > with offers and tricks to take the SSN back.

        That confirms a lot I've believed about that number. Many say that there's
        no way to get rid of it. But there sure is a way not to claim it or use
        it! There's a way not to fall for the trick question, "what is YOUR
        Social Security Number?"

        > When they determined that I was not going to come
        > around they kicked me out of jail

        I have a friend who liked to get kicked out of jail. He was kicked out
        several times. I haven't been arrested since I was 18 (on a false

        > Status matters and if one has any kind of attachment
        > to the phantom law rules
        > system, he has voluntarily forfeited all rights,
        > constitutional or common law there are.

        The truth is harsh. How do you get more people to realize that fact?

        > Because, and I
        > witnessed this first hand in a willful failure to file
        > case where it was brought out that he was receiving
        > some small benefits from the VA, therefore he was considered
        > a hypocrite in the eyes of the law and they found him
        > guilty and gave him 5 years.

        Many people prove themselves hypocrites when they attempt to use the money

        > I say: I have never heard of Walt Mann III that I
        > remember and I am nearly 70 years young.

        They threw him down the memory hole.

        > You may strike terror in a few sometimes but they can
        > change the rules and direction in the middle of
        > the stream. In administrative situations
        > they win in the long run, because they know what attachment(s)
        > one has to their phantom law system, and if need be, it
        > is their ace in the hole and they will use it.

        They lost in mine, badly. To me, they seemed vulnerable, weak, unprepared.

        > We have been duped, deceived and tricked since the
        > so-called civil war amendments and this
        > so-called administrative law. They, the powers that be,
        > know that probably 95% of the current population have
        > such attachment(s) of some kind or form as they pass out
        > SSN at birth now. Administrative law is fairly new invention
        > for a tyrannical kind of so-called law that is really and
        > truly a true phantom. On page 7 of Phantom Law Rules it states:
        > There is civil law, common law, criminal law, natural law,
        > the law of nations, public law, private law, canon law,
        > martial law, municipal law, foreign law, positive
        > law, statute law, written law, unwritten law,
        > international law, merchant law, and maritime law. But
        > nowhere, nowhere, does this prominent 1859 (Bouvier's) law
        > dictionary mention anything, whatsoever, about administrative law.

        Maybe, if they are able to get a qualified set of players, that would be
        the first matter of business...

        So, if you don't play in administrative hearings, where and how do you
        communicate with these people to get them to leave you alone?


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