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    Here is a letter I sent to the: House of Representatives 2138 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Dear Sir or Madam: I would like to have the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2013
      Here is a letter I sent to the:
      House of Representatives
      2138 Rayburn House Office Building                                         
      Washington, DC 20515
      Dear Sir or Madam:
      I would like to have the Justice Department convene a committee to examine the inherent bias of the judicial system in Ohio.  The Ohio Supreme Court conducts sessions to improve the Court system, however, not one session has been devoted to judicial bias.  If you go the web and search for judicial bias in Ohio, you will see 8,040,000 entries.
      I, and a great many other persons have been victimized by the court system as a pro se litigant. An appeal to the higher courts is a total waste of time.  If you claim judicial bias in a pleading, the court threatens you with sanctions. i.e. "you better watch what you say".  A complaint filed with the Ohio Supreme Court is also a total waste of time. In Ohio, a judge can do anything legal or illegal in their courtroom and there is absolutely no meaningful recourse available to a pro se litigant. The Discipline Committee of the Supreme Court is there only for the appearance of justice.
      My complaint is not based on, "you are just not satisfied with the results", and it is based on the perversion of the law by judges. I know at least 10 other persons that have pled their case, Pro se, meaning that representing one self, that have been outright victimized by the court system, as I have.
      If one files a case against a judge, the court usually declares the person a "victicious litigant. Thus, he is not allowed to file a complaint without the courts permission, and then the court dismissed his original complaint as punishment for filing against the judge.
      It is long past the time for the Justice Department to investigate the victimization of pro se litigants.  There are a vast number of persons in Ohio that have been the victim of biased judges.
      The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that even if it is shown that a judge in a certain case is bias, it is of no importance.  It is an absolute fact, that in most cases a judge in Ohio can do no wrong, and cannot be held accountable for ruling contrary to established law.  The only time the Supreme Court Discipline Committee acts is when judicial bias is exposed to the public, and only then, they are force to act.
      Please consider holding a hearing on judicial bias in the State of Ohio.  The hearing would possible find a method to restore justice to the persons that represent themselves in court, also would gain pro se litigants confidence in the judicial system. 
      There must be a meaningful method to redress legal wrongs done to a person that represents himself or herself in court.  As it is now, there is absolutely no meaningful venue to undo the wrong done by biased judges.
       I you have any questions, please feel free to call me.
       Sincerely, J     

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