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Nobody in the General Public gets this Excited about a Gun!!

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  • Legalbear
    I couldn t help myself. DS MORE on LOST RIGHTS – THE SOVEREIGN The word “sovereign” has taken on a whole new meaning for me in the past few months, and
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      I couldn't help myself.






      The word “sovereign” has taken on a whole new meaning for me in the past few months, and especially since my interaction with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol on March 20, 2013. 


      Long ago, I recognized that news is not a spectator sport, at least not for me.  I hardly need to worry about the article for an upcoming month because the government always seems to provide personal experiences which emphasize the corruption and degradation of our leadership and our “public servants”.  It is ironic that this New Year’s resolution for me was to do all I could in the coming months to ease out of the controversies with which I have been involved over the past years and give the government a rest, to “settle”, so to speak, where possible and in accordance with Matthew 5:25, while there is still time.  Since my “right to travel” efforts in the past years have come to naught, I now “drive” with all the accoutrements of slavery:  Driver’s license; insurance; inspection; title; registration; license tags and plates; as tax-paid fuel; and obeying the statutory corporate policies as best I can.  So, I thought I would be safe if, and when, I was stopped by local “law enforcement” agents.  The events of March 20th proved to me just how wrong I was to think I could peaceably coexist with these arrogant SOB’s


      A “sovereign” used to signify something or someone who was self-sufficient, not depending upon anyone else for his welfare, the one who had undisputed right to make decisions governing his own life, property or business, act accordingly and be left alone.  “Sovereignty” for one was only limited to the extent that his sovereignty didn’t offend the rights of his neighbors or those with whom he came into contact.  The “sovereign” had a duty to respect the rights of others and in return expect his rights to be similarly respected. It was like John Wayne said in “The Shootist” (1976):  “I won’t be wronged; I won’t be insulted; and I won’t be laid a hand on.  I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same of them.”  That’s a “sovereign” mentality.  I would ask, “What’s wrong with that?”  It used to be the “American way”.


      But today that’s all changed, and drastically.  For example, a local TV station in Wilmington, NC, my home town, recently ran a piece which announced, “Local law enforcement will be able to spot and handle a sovereign citizen by the end of 2013.  Authorities tell WECT.com that by the end of the year, every law enforcement officer in the state will receive certification for dealing with this group of people. According to detectives, a sovereign citizen is person who believes they can choose which laws apply to them and which do not…The 2013 certification has been mandated for all [State and local] law enforcement by training and standards.”  From “Sovereign Citizens, by the End of 2013”, Jan 03, 2013.

      Later, in a “SPECIAL REPORT: A closer look at sovereign citizens” Posted: Feb 18, 2013, on WECT.com, I found: “Hundreds of thousands of sovereign citizens currently live throughout the United States. The FBI calls them ‘domestic terrorists’. They're also known as extremists, radicals and defenders of freedom. According to experts, sovereign citizens are Americans who think the laws don't apply to them. Most of them have their own constitution, bill of rights and government officials. Sovereign citizens can be dangerous and violent. There have been a number of cases where sovereigns took matters into their own hands by killing members of law enforcement.”  What a bunch of SPLC hogwash!

      As I said, this all came into focus for me on the night of March 20th while I was headed home on a “public way” after a hard day on the tractor.  I was traveling in my pickup truck, decompressing from the day’s labor, when I rounded a curve and saw the “blue light special” at the bottom of the grade a short distance away.  I slowed down, of course, and surveyed the scene, assessing it not as a “checkpoint” but as a simple traffic stop where some other poor slave was getting his, or her, lesson in submissiveness from the overseers.  No one was on the pavement or making any apparent attempt to stop traffic, as far as I could see.  As I was completely street “legal” with nothing to hide for a change, I continued on my way past the three police cars with their lights flashing, and wondering what could have generated three cars for one stop, when I heard, “STOP!” and saw an LEO in my rear view mirror with his hands up.

      I pulled over and waited for a couple of minutes until one of them drove up behind me.  In the meantime, I had rescued my license from my briefcase and located my registration in the glove box.  I was not concerned or excited.  I knew my truck was “legal”, my license was current, the mandatory insurance was paid, and there were no outstanding warrants to my knowledge. 


      What turned out to be a State “trooper” came up to my window and said, “I need to see your driver’s license.”  I said, “Yes, Sir”, and handed it to him straightaway.  He then said, “You don’t have any registration?”  I said, “You only asked me for my license.”  He said, “Don’t get smart with me.  Give me your registration.”  As I reached toward the glove compartment to get the registration card, he obviously recognized me from somewhere and said, “You’re a ‘sovereign’ aren’t you?” he asked.  I said, “What does that mean?”, to which he replied, “Do you have a gun in the vehicle? You had a gun the last time.”  I was puzzled, not remembering who he was, but I said, “Yes, Sir.  It’s right here on my hip, where it always is”; and I made the mistake of tapping my holster to illustrate and looking toward the sidearm. 


      At that point, the trooper (BR Phillips, who it turns out is the same one who ticketed me in 2008 with three traffic citations – Fictitious plate, no insurance, no registration – for which I was found “Not Guilty” in a bench trial.  My “mistake”, according to Phillips, was in doing a TV interview about it afterward.) asked me, “Did you go for your gun?” to which I responded, “No, Sir.  I was just showing you where the gun is.”  He then went ballistic, pulled out his sidearm and pointed it at my face through the window.  “You went for your gun.  Put your hands out the window, now.”  I did so, and asked him what was wrong with him, saying, “I did not go for my gun.  I am trying to be compliant with your commands.”  He told me I did go for my gun and began yelling in a very frightened voice, “He’s got a gun.  There’s a gun in the truck.  Come up here, NOW! He went for his gun.”  We were about 100 yards from where the other three troopers were parked, and this berserk man was obviously scared.  I asked the trooper again what was wrong with him and told him again that I had not “gone for my gun”, but he was beyond help.  He told me to “stop struggling”, although I wasn’t even moving.  I asked, “What are you trying to do?  What’s going on here?  Nothing happened.”  I began to be afraid that I was going to be shot for resisting arrest just because they can, and knowing they could get away with it.  I remained very still.  He looked really out of control.  I asked if I could put the truck in “Park” since I had noticed it was still in “Drive”.  (I leave it that way in case the need arises to move out smartly.)  He said, “Don’t you move!”  I told him I was afraid in all the shoving that my foot would come off the brake and I would be shot “trying to escape”; but he told me again, “I told you not to move.  We’ll take care of it”.  Soon they did by crushing past me thru the open window and breaking off my mirror.


      The other troopers abandoned the “checkpoint” (There hadn’t been any other cars through it anyway as far as I could tell.) and ran to assist the officer who apparently needed help “subduing” me.  They jumped out of their vehicles, pulled their sidearms and pointed them at my face, fingers on the triggers, safeties off.  The first trooper said to them, “He went for his gun, and he’s a ‘sovereign’”.  It was obvious they had been to the new “sovereign training”.  I had good reason to be scared, since they were obviously very excited, like children with a new toy, only afraid of it.  In fact, they appeared scared to death of this “sovereign” creature.  I asked again, “What are you doing?  I did not go for my gun. You need to relax.”  But like Tweety Bird, the first trooper kept saying, “You did, you did. You did go for your gun.” 


      Well, the long and short of it is, the events following were like an episode of the “Keystone Kops” terminating with my being charged with “carrying a concealed weapon” after being handcuffed, abused with illegal searches, etc., for about thirty minutes with my rear view mirror getting knocked off the driver’s door, and my license getting lost in the shuffle.  I argued, politely, that my weapon was not “concealed”, that it was on my hip, in my holster, and in plain view.  I told them I had been trying to be “good” to avoid such events as this.  They didn’t buy it, saying their “sergeant had said to ‘write it up’”.  Fortunately, I was not arrested.  My “blast” thru the “checkpoint” was not mentioned except once, and the alleged attempt to “go for the gun” never came up at all. 


      As the troopers and I parted company, the “witnessing officer” made the comment, “You know, this all happened because we’re just trying to protect your rights and the rights of others.”  I asked, “How is denying me my rights the same as protecting my rights.”  There was no answer.


      In North Carolina, the statutes require a driver who is the holder of a concealed/carry permit to tell any approaching police officer that he has a weapon and to place the weapon on the dashboard.  I do not have a concealed/carry permit because the requirement for information to get such a permit is oppressive.  I was under no obligation to announce that I had a gun, nor was I required to place it into full view.  While our State Constitution allows the legislature to regulate “the practice of carrying concealed weapons”, it’s an easy reader that such regulations are in direct contravention to the 2nd Amendment   Thus far no one has questioned this disconnect to the Supreme Court.  I would prefer not to be the first as I still would like to “settle”; but if it goes that way, so be it. 


      I will propose to the DA at my “initial” hearing that he go “nolle prosequi” on this case, since the charges are bogus and were merely entered to justify the treatment I received at the hands of these ignorant goons.  But who knows how this witch hunt will be handled against this infamous, white, “sovereign” individual who reads the Constitution; is self-sufficient; accepts no government benefits; argues for his “unalienable” rights; studies the Bible; openly carries a gun; is a former (and retired) military man; reads (and writes for) The First Freedom; believes in the sanctity of the races; and doesn’t accept Obama as a proper occupant of the White House? 


      I am the poster child for the boogeyman of the DHS, the “white, right-wing extremist”.  Unfortunately, we haven’t seen anything yet.  The worse is yet to come, and we let it happen.  The next generation doesn’t have a clue.










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