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Re: Government Terrorist in action.

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  • Troy Duwayne, Barclay
    Jerry and Mike, etal, The main attachment and central contrivance to title 42 and all other entanglements with the defacto government is the social security
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 24, 2013
      Jerry and Mike, et al,
      The main attachment and central contrivance to title 42 and all other entanglements with the de facto government is the social security number. If you have the number you have placed yourself in their Phantom Law Rules system. Contrary to the long pdf file about SS and how no one can get rid of the number, the lie continues and many believe such dominance over docile people. There is nothing that is saturated with fraud, like SS was/is, that will stand in a real de jure law court. Rescission is the only answer when one discovers the fraud perpetrated upon him/her. The Phantom Law Rules system (i.e. administrative law) is now the so-called "king" of law in this country. It is a so-called 4th branch of government that is all three branches that set our nation up rolled into one and answers to no one but its agencies' bosses. There is no due process available in such phantom law rules system,because you traded or exchanged all your standing in law when you obtained or tacitly agreed to the ss number. This illusion which can only be a pure phantom law rules system which is a pure fiction designed to enslave under a form of self-voluntary slavery that one does to himself.

      I know of several young folks who obtained a Texas DL WITHOUT  a ss number and they still don't have the ss number.  

      Wake up folks that all that you are told by the "authority" is not always truthful and honest and the correct answer. Are you a slave or a freeman?

      For liberty and freedom
      Troy Duwayne, Barclay

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