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Stolen SS# and Identity by Good Old Boys

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    There is a good old boy network in Northern Idaho prevailing. You all probably remember Ruby Ridge and the fiasco with the McGukin family of kids who holed
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2013
      There is a good old boy network in Northern Idaho prevailing. You all probably remember Ruby Ridge and the fiasco with the McGukin family of kids who holed themselves up from law enforcement.

      Both those actions happened within 20 miles from here. Here is what they are up to know and what I need help with to stop them in their tracks. The story should read. FIRST THEY THREW HER THEN THEY SAID SHE THREW A PEN. NOW THERE ARE WIDESPREAD CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. I feel like Alice in the Rabbit Hole.

      I had my SS# stolen by a Deputy Sherriff and used on a Citation to render a defendant and charge me with a crime. The entire court is going along with the action. There is no form of Law in Bonner County, Idaho that I can see.

      On August 8, 2012 a citation for Battery for "Throwing pen and hitting Melissa on arm" was, rendered, under the color and authority of law, by Tony Riffel: acting principal, for Sgt. T. RiffeL.. [You heard it right throwing a pen. Melissa is a deputy clerk for the City of Sandpoint] He stole the SS# and identity of Rita: to render the identity of RITA: to use as the identity of Defendant on an Idaho Uniform Citation, and charge an alleged misdemeanor public offense. He placed the full, number, and full birth date, on the citation and in the public record without Rita's: authorization or knowledge. An inferior court of record is, rendered on the citation, lacking signatures, and conflicting incorrect private information. There is no signature authorizing the use of the SS# and identity of RITA as Defendant. The victim, Melissa, has no last name. An illegible signature does not sufficiently identify the complaining Party and, the one certifying the Charge. The identities of, the victim, and charging party, are not seen in the entire record.

      No Law Enforcement Officer personally serves and executes the charge and identity of Defendant. Sgt. T. Riffel, the witnessing officer, is the only One identified, and, he has no acting principal, seen, who gives him authorization, any place in the action. There is no liable witnessing officer subscribing the Charging Party in the entire action. There is no One liable for stealing the SS# from Rita: and executing the identity of RITA as Defendant or the Charging Party.

      Link to States documents and Courtroom proceedings. https://sendnow.acrobat.com/?i=ESTsj1HM3SRyZiQoL*qQ3g

      Rita's: Audio recount of the charging instruments https://sendnow.acrobat.com/?i=B5Myu8srTz9UgnoaAqBS0A

      Rita: currently has a $250,000 Tort claim with the City of Sandpoint. This stems from an Assault, Battery, and False arrest that occurred on, January 21, 2011, perpetrated by the Sandpoint Police, acting under the color and authority of law. [CR-2011-0000343] The, assault and false arrest, led to a vindictive prosecution, for Obstructing an Officer, by Lori Muelenberg: Sandpoint City Prosecutor. Rita: suffers permanent physical damage, from, the attack. The Obstructing charge was, dismissed with prejudice. The Magistrate Judge: ruled there was no cause for the actions and Rita's: Rights were, violated. Rita has very good cause, and does believe the charge for the alleged pen throwing stems from the tort claim and is a concentrated effort by officials to defame her and avoid liability for her damages. Link to assualt, battery, false arrest and dismissal hearing https://sendnow.acrobat.com/?i=m7ZEsq5QBuZxdNpZ*FlgUA

      Lori Muelenberg shares Risk Management with Scot Campbell the City Attorney. Lori Muelenberg rendered an inferior record as City Prosecutor for the obstructing charge. When the prosecution failed Lori Muelenberg put on the other hat, she wears for the City of Sandpoint, as Risk Manager, and processed Rita's Civil Claim, with a bias tended by the inferior instruments she rendered as prosecutor. Rita suspects the local attorney's knew this fact and, that is why, she had a hard time finding any attorney who wanted to handle her tort claim. She, had been, assaulted, battered, permanently injured, falsely charged, arrested and prosecuted, and no one wants liability for the damages? Rita is aware that no lawyer she could hire can stand up to insurance lawyers. In Idaho instead of bonding on peace officer's there exists a statewide insurance program for all Cities and Counties, the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program. ICRMP is the statewide insurance company and it is member owned. Lori Muelenberg the prosecutor and risk manager also works for the insurance company. Some states outlaw captured law firms. If my claim does not go to a lawyer, it does not go to the insurance company and the Elected Officials are personally liable.

      TWIST: Louis Marshall the elected prosecutor brought Scot Campbell the Sandpoint City civil attorney into the courtroom to represent the victim Melissa who got hit with the pen. The judge agreed that is was unreasonable for a victim to testify and upon her own motion placed the order into evidence for the City of Sandpoint who has now become a third party interloper on the action and is representing the victim. The prosecutor has obstructed a sworn complaint from the pen victim. Scot Campbell is the Risk Manager for the City and manages the $250,000 tort claim Rita: has with the city. Scot Campbell's Wife Susan Campbell is the Attorney for an insurance company that represents a bond Company. Susan Campbell is in bond exoneration hearings with the County being represented by Louis Marshall for a $250,000 bond exoneration. Louis Marshall is representing the state and is the guy prosecuting me for the alleged pen throwing. The same Deputy Sherriff that stole my SS# is the one who initiated the charge for the bond exoneration hearing. That action also has a messed up record. The judges are recusing themselves from that case like wildfire. Scot Campbell shares the Office of the City Attorney with the City prosecutor who is now a magistrate judge [who attempted to prosecute me when I was assaulted.] The Sandpoint City Prosecutor's Office in the last year is now its own Branch. The business address given is not the City Address it is the Bonner County Prosecutor's address where Louis Marshall the elected Prosecutor operates out of.

      Louis Marshall is also representing the Clerk because his Chief Deputy Prosecutor signed documents in my action as clerk. Idaho code says he can't do that. The Clerk helped Louis Marshall serve me a Summons that was not ordered by a judge and a citation from a stolen SS# and now the guy who is prosecuting me is representing her because of the malfeasonce of both their deputies in the pen throwing action. The Attorney General says he can take disciplinary action but it has to come from the county commissioners and they ignore me because if they don't they are liable. And they all still think I will agree to give up my rights and let them prosecute me so they are not liable.

      The Pen throwing action continues in this same fashion ending with a falsified $5,000 Bench warrant when I said no more to the abuse. The entire action is without liability from prosecutors, judges and clerk's. I was never arrested or held nor did I agree to be released on my own recognizance. The judge did not find probable cause. The Officer who stole my SS# never talked to me in my life and could not pick me out in a line-up. See link above to enclosed audio and documents.

      Has anyone dealt with identity theft such as this and what is the best way to stop these guys in their tracks. I already told them I was done. I am not going to ask a whole court that holds prejudice against me to dismiss me.

      I would love to back the judges into a corner so that in order to release their own liability they have to stick it to the malfeasant officers. Has any one ever heard of turning a charge like this that is in process around on the malicious prosecutors.
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