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Job discrimination: state citizen

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  • LibertyFelix
    Liberty Felix FORM FOR REQUESTING HELP ON YOUR CASE ON TIPS & TRICKS FOR COURT: My case is from the perspective of the Plaintiff and has not yet been filed. My
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      Liberty Felix
      My case is from the perspective of the Plaintiff and has not yet been filed. My hope is to affect policy change for an organization and to heal a financial harm that I have endured.

      What state does your legal issue spring from?
      …Apologies in advance for the pun.
      My issue springs from the states of Fear, Loathing, and Lack of Knowledge.
      Actually, I am in Kentucky, 6th Federal Circuit. A key player in my issue is from Virginia in a different Federal Circuit, with office in Washington D.C. Both parties shared actions and agents in Kentucky.
      My issue currently involves monetary considerations less than $75,000, but that amount may change. My issue also involves fraudulent actions and policies that breach at least two Title 42 Felonies, listed at Section 408a as Clauses 3 and 8.
      Causes of Action may include Breach, Abridgement, Duress, Denial of Due Process, Color of Law Fraud, and conjointly concurs with the definition of Discrimination: based on National Heritage, citizens of the states.
      What are the facts of your case?
      I am Member of a national organization which has, for eight years now, been practicing hiring discrimination against state citizens (rights holders choosing NOT to participate in Social Security) in favor of welfare participants (those opting into the Social Security programs). Early in that dynamic I discussed possible solutions for the perceived problem of paying Independent Contractors who do not supply Social Security Numbers. I did some extensive research and found that there was an IRS solution based on Title 26 Codes and Regulations, which offers Reasonable Cause Exemptions eliminating the possible Negligence Penalty for incomplete reporting of 1099 summaries and other reports. The organization's leadership has shut down discussion of the matter and refuses to utilize the IRS prescription, choosing discriminatory practices instead. In the mean time, I have been shunned by National headquarters staff and censored on the official organization Facebook page.
      At that time, this issue was born in confrontation, because my organization's Kentucky state Affiliate organization owed a contract fee to a vender who declined to offer an SS# for welfare credit-building records. The state Chair refused to allow him to be paid, based on her concerns over IRS reporting matters. Included in the discussion from that time was an individual at the National level who has been continuous project director for the Contract work in question, and has also had title for limited cycles as National Chair and Treasurer. He earns his living as an Accountant.
      This year, I also managed to engage in an open contract offer with this organization, giving them a letter of Conditional Acceptance regarding the unenforceability of their stipulation to provide an SS# as a strict condition. I did honor their request for the number, with the only factual and honest reply possible, that I didn't have one. I also cited the IRS regulation authorizing their request for a number, which is codified for use upon the engagement of foreigners.
      As the National Leadership has continuously refused dialog, it was with no surprise that they declined to rebut my enforceability challenges, or to refuse my offer upon any other arbitrary issue. (We just didn't like the guy.)
      When I was turning in workload to our shared agent, the Project Director attempted to restrict receipt regarding the total product turned over, to limit payment amounts to less than the $600 IRS reporting threshold. I forestalled the limitations on the basis of pointing out to the agent that the policy action was fraudulent, breached two felonies and was counter to a non-discrimination policy our KY Affiliate had passed unanimously in 2007. That vote had included the agent's participation.
      Six months and several disbursement bundles have passed without resolution to the amounts owed me for workload listed on their receipt to me. My Regional Representative to the National Committee governing this organization has declined to represent me, seems to represent the National Officer who is setting and enforcing this unwritten policy, and has potentially slandered me at the official committee meeting venue, while not in session. Also at the same event, the Chair has admitted that I would be paid if they were given any Tax ID (regardless of proximate relation), and claimed without foundation that to hire someone without a number would impose *astronomical costs*. I have seen no evidence of costs related to payments made before the eight year policy nor have I ever heard of damage to others that have paid me on this basis.

      What research you have already done on your issue?
      Jurisdictionary procedures review, rechecking Title 26/42 Codes and Regulations citations, trust and contract considerations, Legal definitions and causes of action.

      What you are thinking about doing and why?
      …Hoping to mitigate need for litigation. …not expecting that outcome at this point.
      …Hoping to mitigate lack of Organizational Representation. …Slight chance.
      Need to submit Fee Schedule for continued delays of payment penalties and for continued unlawful demands that I participate in a voluntary privileged program and resubmit invoice demand.
      …Later, may need to begin writing lawsuit Claims and other case elements.
      Have printed out your post and read it out loud to yourself looking for missing words and typos;
      Have written your post in a word processor so it can check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar;
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