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Toward a Liberalization of the Second Amendment

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  • Levi Philos
    Toward a Liberalization of the Second Amendment The following does not accurately reflect the thoughts and feelings of the average Tips and Tricks member or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2013

      Toward a Liberalization of the Second Amendment


      The following does not accurately reflect the thoughts and feelings of the average Tips and Tricks member or Second Amendment supporter.


      With my poor writing skills, it probably doesn’t even accurately reflect my own thoughts and feelings. (disclaimer CYA language)


      There is a potential psychopath born every day. A newborn child when in distress for whatever reason must attract the attention of whatever caregiver is available. This begins a pattern of learning that extends through childhood and must be countered by teaching of social skills by the caregiver/parents. The true psychopath is adapting and modifying techniques; these learned patterns extend right into adulthood. The most successful become “leaders” and the less successful become “criminals.”


      Some become tyrants.


      A little history; how I got off on this tangent.


      In 1987 I was living near Gardnerville Nevada; as it is in small areas when news is short the local papers will often insert a filler story about some event of historical interest. This was a story about a bad-ass cowboy and a ranch owner; the time period likely 1860 to 1880 prior to any formal governance and law enforcement in the area. There were already saloons and whiskey to be purchased. As the story went this local bad-ass cowboy was big and strong and mean normally and when he got drunk his favorite hobby was to beat up on smaller/weaker cowboys. Medical care was scarce so this could be a long lasting effect for the victim. After one such event that left a cowboy employee of a ranch owner in a state of permanent injury the ranch owner announced that this shit had to stop and he would hunt down and kill the bad-ass the same as he would a rabid dog. One cowboy heard that and rode off and warned the bad-ass. Nobody witnessed that message but it was surmised to be something like this: “Ranch Owner is a man of his word and you are advised to get off on a run – perhaps cross into California and never come back because if Ranch Owner finds you he will kill you if you do not kill him first.”


      In the newspaper the full names of Bad-Ass and Ranch Owner were published – this was a true story.


      Bad-Ass didn’t travel far enough or fast enough and about four days later Ranch Owner found him and killed him. No prosecution or retribution followed as the general opinion was that true justice had been served.


      Thereafter I began thinking that perhaps we need a modification of the self-defense justification to include – he/she needed killing.


      I freely admit that such an extension of self-defense would need a lot of debate and careful selection of wording. A debate lasting five years and involving as many of the public as are interested is appropriate.


      I am old-school and use “He” in the old-school way to include “She” so the following applies equally to women.


      So, my proposal for liberalization of the second amendment is to add wording that conveys the concepts involved above in the Rancher/Bad-Ass story.


      Some people in their growth into adulthood become irreparable in personality; they are undiagnosed psychopaths who naturally gravitate toward the tyrant end of the social scale. My proposal is to add language to the second amendment to include “He needed killing” as a justification for murder by whatever tools are available and where such a defense is recognized in a court of law.


      I know such a concept repels the softer approach of the average liberal, so my advice to such people is to think of it as a late stage abortion that extends to the age of 75. No, wait a minute – make that 90.


      (Frankly it absolutely amazes me that the same people who will kill an unborn child will defend any conviction where a death sentence is a likely result.) They need to learn from Larken Rose to speak in a truer fashion.


      And while we are at it – bring back hangings for horse (auto) theft.


      Many people overseas see the United States as a dangerous place; I would like to see it become more dangerous than it already is. Dangerous to thieves, liars, and psychopaths.


      “He needed killing; the new defense for murder.”

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