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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Calif. S.Ct. on Jurisdiction

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  • Gary- D
    Here in Pa the same procedure, however the court have ruled this in and of itself does not confirm jurisdiction, when it is well settled on the record by
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      Here in Pa the same procedure, however the court
      have ruled this in and of itself does not confirm
      jurisdiction, when it is well settled on the record
      by objection, as noted, while one wades through to
      get the relief sought.

      My brief to the Superior Court of Pa as attachment
      for learning.

      Kindest regards, Gary  


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      Bear, while this research is fresh on your mind I wonder if you or anyone found a case where status of a defendant caused lack of jurisdiction. I am working on a small claim court's service of a petition and trying to avoid litigation therein because in my state the defendant must pay $75.00 up front to move it to another court where there is a record and right of appeal.If you lose in the small claims court here you have no right of appeal and if you request transfer to another court you must first pay an advance cost of $75.00. The rules of evidence do not apply but jurisdiction surely does. Just how they can charge a defendant any cost before judgment seems to be a due process issue. As far as I know a court that denies due process loses jurisdiction.  If you don't transfer the court will proceed without you and ...no appeal.
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      [3] We now proceed to a consideration of the meaning of the term "jurisdiction" in its relation to the granting of a writ of prohibition. The term, used continuously in a variety of situations, has so many different meanings that no single statement can be entirely satisfactory as a definition. At best it is possible to give the principal illustrations of the situations in which it may be applied, and then to consider 288*288 whether the present case falls within one of the classifications.

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