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Lovingly Fighting the California Franchise Tax Board :-)

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  • Legalbear
    The Lovingly Fighting the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) package I just added to my shopping cart came into my life when someone from California
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2012

      The Lovingly Fighting the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) package I just added to my shopping cart came into my life when someone from California contacted me about stopping a FTB levy. I didn’t have a package devoted to that, so, I spent some time with him giving him some suggestions on how research out the issue of stopping a levy in California. After some time he called back, told me he had successfully stopped their levy, and offering to swap his research for mine. I get the most calls regarding oppressive state tax collection from California, so, I took him up on his offer. I have gone through the package and discovered that it contains:


      Ø  Where to find definitions for CA’s income tax

      Ø  How to find IRC sections applicable to CA

      Ø  The portion of the CA Constitution applicable

      Ø  CA Code dealing with administrative hearings

      Ø  A table paralleling CA tax code with Federal tax code

      Ø  CA’s Personal Income Tax Code with highlights

      Ø  Code provisions providing for administrative review prior to levy

      Ø  Code provisions restricting the maximum levy

      Ø  How the search CA’s tax statutes for IRC sections

      Ø  CA’s open records act (FOIA equivalent)

      Ø  How to protest a CA tax assessment

      Ø  How to suspend a levy using an administrative hearing

      Ø  How to appeal an adverse decision

      Ø  CA remedies for liens

      Ø  CA code on no levies without procedural compliance

      Ø  10 sample forms; including one that successfully stopped a levy twice


      As I went through the package I highlighted the best, most notable parts. I also included links leading directly to the statutes online to make it easier for you to make use of the package and double check accuracy. I did come across some items I considered questionable and noted that inside the file. I also brought everything as current as I could.


      All of this for only: $287


      This is located in my shopping cart at:



      I purposely did not make this a link you could click it so this wouldn’t end up in your spam folder. You will have to copy and paste it into your browser address bar.


      I am also offering an $87 discount when you buy the Lovingly Fighting the FTB package with my next to biggest IRS package here:



      I say “lovingly” because we don’t want the FTB to think we don’t love them, right? And, love is the most important thing; even for government officials in both federal and state. Ya gotta love ‘em!


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